Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Spring Has Sprung 3/07

At least it has sprung enough for it to get to 80 today! And it's sunny AND a sure sign, I am in my tidewater pants (cropped) and T shirt and I have just finished washing the car. It's pure white so I HAVE to wash it often..dang! (I don't like washing the car) After I got finished with that, I Armor-All'd the inside.

However, in the process I found that my hose must be defective..both of them AND maybe one of the faucets. Spray everywhere. I certainly need to buy yet another nozzle. Two of them. I didn't know I would be taking a shower at the same time! I found out all over again that I need to tie all this hair back when I do things like that,. By the time it made itself known to me again (the fact I left it down to blow in my face and annoy me) my hands were wet, and I didn't want to stop to go back in the house and tie it up. Too easy to just stay in the house when I dislike washing the car so much.

I have been busy with a number of things and I got off to a later start due to a phone call this morning that lasted 90 minutes. We were discussing politics and the media. Luckily we agreed. So no blood*shed.

I was under the house (crawl space) putting something away and I found another 8mm movie. This one was still in a box and it was mailed to us when we lived in Florida. I have to wonder if it's my Dad. It is really encrusted on the outside of the reel with mold and dirt even though it was in a box. I have it JUST in case...I may find someone who can blow off the dirt and mold and who knows..maybe it can be sent to DVD. I doubt it though.

I am headed off to Charlotte this weekend not only to see my boy but there is an ANA convention there in the Charlotte Convention Center. (American Numismatics Association) You know how we all are about coins in this family! But at least we aren't like the well known lawyer team, Dewey, Cheatum and Howe.

Oh it is just too fantastic to stay in here. I'm headed out. Wish you were here. It's getting close to ice tea weather, don't you know?


P.S. I added some new pictures to several of my little hardly-anything-there albums. A hawk in a family member's tree, Hopping John, (a former family member), Miyuki, my new white car, and several views of the inside of my living room for those who could care less. :-) I can see vacuum cleaner tracks on the pale platinum colored carpet...I do love a well vacuumed carpet!

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