Thursday, October 14, 2010

Still Tom after all of these years- May 2007

Dang if Tom Selleck wasn't on CBS News this morning promoting his new movie. Whew! As I said a couple of blogs ago, that man is SMOKIN' hot looking! But then, since I was focused on older stars, someone suggested Sean Connery. Indeedy, he is smokin' hot looking too. BUT he IS his age, so...whatever.

I wonder who may have watched my TV fixation with me last night? What, you ask? Why, Dancing With the Stars of course. The web site to vote was swamped obviously. I have high speed internet but it was bogged down so badly I never could sign in. I gave up and after using re-dial for 45 minutes I got to do the telephone vote. That was hard to do, Joey Fatone and his partner were fabulous. Apolo and Julienne were fantastic. What can I say? I wish they had co-champions. The judges said themselves that they had never to this segment ever had the high level of competition that they have this series. In a way Fatone deserves it because he is NOT a dancer. In a way Apolo deserves it because he is an athlete, not a dancer. But his physical conditioning definitely gives him an edge. Joey has to work harder physically. We will see tonight though. I voted for Apolo.

Someone left a comment yesterday about Landis and the Tour de France and agrees with me that someone didn't want Floyd Landis, an American, to win. And we two at least in this world believe that someone tampered with his samples for the urinalysis. Just thought I would include that little newsflash.

Neil, my son, has a picture of a fledgling Titmouse on his Space. He got a lot of pictures yesterday after work. He doesn't have it (yet) on his space but there is great one of a parent and a baby being fed..up close and personal. LOVE it. It's on his Nikon forum space. He took a photo of a Red Tailed hawk that he hasn't put on his Space yet. Far as I know, only the fledgling is in his Space as new just now.

I was just asking some advice about a triceps move. I saw the email came in while I was typing. Let me go see what they say! I'm gonna have lunch in a while. See you later. Have an awesome day.

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