Tuesday, October 5, 2010

stuff 3/07

One of the blogging family sent me an email yesterday telling me that the Gei-co cavemen may have a TV show next season. I was amazed. You may recall that I was writing about them a couple of days ago. I looked at the 'net news yesterday evening and there was a mention of a pilot being made, indeed! It said something I had not realized about pilots though. That hardly any ever make it to the air. So, while a pilot is being written now..doesn't mean it will appear on the air. The news article said that it will be or, IS about 30-something cavemen struggling with prejudice about their intellect despite their accomplishments. Hence the remarks about Gei-co's website being "so easy even a caveman could do it".

I will watch it if it shows up but like 3rd son, I can't imagine it would really be a success. Too far a reach. The article also said that this would not be the first time a series has been created from a commercial. That surprised me.

I made a blog last evening..hit "publish" and it went off into nothingness. I sat here surprised!!! I shouldn't have been I guess, because I had a dickens of a time trying to leave remarks all day..or even get into a blog all day long. It isn't easy today either and my RSS feed is failing on several.

I had a coupon from Sta-ples for $4.00 yesterday. Took it in and used it to help me out with the new 'cool pad' I bought for my laptop (it paid for the sales tax!) Just the night before it occurred to me that all the heat under the laptop could not be a good thing. It was reallyhot under there. No dispersement of air at all. The sons mentioned a 'cool pad'. Had not heard of those, so headed off and got one. It slants the laptop up slightly of course..and I have to say, I rather like the effect! AND it's cool under there. I also got a new surge protector to have on standby. And a fancy wancy mouse pad. I have a track pad of course, but I dislike using it. So, I have an optical mouse. You don't need a mouse pad for an optical mouse usually but it is a little nicer having one when you have a furry friend who sheds and is up here helping you type. A little less debris on the mouse's operating side!

I was so glad to read of all the people who are feeding the birds and the hummingbirds as well. They thank you. We humans have so encroached on their territory that it makes it harder for them to find enough food sometimes...depending on the species and the location. In any case, it makes it likely they will survive the winter in better shape.

Oh, one last thing. Someone mentioned that the hummingbirds fly up to her husband and hover, looking at him in the face. I get that all the time. Once they are used to seeing you..their innate curiosity comes out. I have been on the deck for example...that is where a feeder is..and I'll hear this loud buzzing (it always startles you..the vibration sound of their wings beating at about 1200 beats per minute) behind me..turn slowly and there is a jewel! So close to my face that I am literally cross-eyed looking back! What a thrill!

Enjoy the day!!!

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