Thursday, October 21, 2010

Stuff Aug. 2007

Gee.  I did that tag thing yesterday and I've been around visiting the blog family reading theirs.  It turned out kind of neat, those who did it (those who did NOT know who you are! Wink)  Anyway, I had been over to visit Meg, got interested in hers as we have a lot of similarities and in response I had to stop myself from writing another blog on her time.  Turned out I wished I had put maybe 15 things you don't know about me!!

Well, remember when I told you a week or so ago about that awful thump on the front I went to the door and until I looked down I didn't know what it was.  There, in front of the door at the door mat were clouds of tiny pin feathers.  And to the side, in the azalea bed were 6 or 7 long wing or tail feathers.  I looked for the poor little one and never could find him.  Now, I am afraid the mystery is solved.

Today, while checking to see if there was any mail in my mailbox, I glanced to the right as always to look at what I am pleased to call " Mother's cactus".  It is the only thing I have of her, other than a blue sweater after she passed away.  I have taken as extraordinary care of that cactus as I can.  For years and years and years.  It's gigantic.  It came to my house in a tiny Rubbermaid planter.  It is extremely large now..and hangs down.  It has to be in a pot on a tall stand.  The flowers are HUGE when it does bloom somewhere in late September or October, and they smell of carrion.  Blue bottle flies are drawn to it and that is how it is pollinated.  It stinks so badly ,and that is the time I have to bring it in the house due to impending cold weather. Huge beautiful star shaped blooms..reeking of dead meat.

Back to the point.  I looked to my right and the entire thing was fallen into the azalea bed.  Scared me to death. I thought mother's cactus would be fatally broken up. wasn't.  As I lifted it out of the flower bed..I saw something large inside the various "arms" of the cactus.  Oh no.  It was a red (male) house Finch.  He was the poor guy who hit the house with such force and the impact landed him into mother's cactus.  There he stayed all this time.  He was dead of course as his fragile neck had been broken.  Poor little guy.

I released him from the cactus (and I'll try to find some photos of that thing and tell you its actual name tomorrow) and he is in with the azaleas now.

I took the car in and it had the whoopty doo treatment.  Washed and waxed to within an inch of its life.  Gleaming. Right afterward I went and bought a cover from another place.  I took everyone's word after all and even the dealership said don't spend that much...go to you-know-where and buy one for $59.99 that is just as breathable as the ones I could order from the dealership.  So I did.  This cleaning the car got is very expensive and very good.  Dirt and bird poo will come off much much easier now.  I'll probably only cover the car Spring and Fall. (Leaves, pollen and sap)

I've been around to see every one of you!!!  Red heart

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