Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sufferin' Succotash! July 2007

This is about to seriously you-know-what me off!!!!!  I have been trying to be allowed to post a blog for several days AND I have been locked out of even making comments to others except twice!!!  I sent out a HELP ME email to good blogging family members who have be quick to answer!  AND I deleted by accident my last blog!  GRRRRRR!!!  Seethe!!!!!
What I have ultimately done is go to I.E. as my broswer on the advice of my son who also has a blog (un-updated!!) So far, so good.  I also sent a note asking for help from MSN who have always been responsive and helpful heretofore.
To those that missed me...THANK YOU!  You sure know how to make a feel good! Open-mouthed I sure have been here trying.  That is the most frustrated I have been.
Upnorthcindy kindly asked if the Jr. Satchmo was still here.  He is indeed and will be headed back to Charlotte in the morning..he and his Dad. And the trumpet.  Did you see those cheeks blown out?  WOW!
They are all gone to lunch.  I decided to stay here and rest and try to get this blog done.  Thank goodness the computer has yet to blow up and MSN has not kicked me out.
I did my work week..sure missed the guys here while gone. Especially Saturday as it was a long day plus the weather was peerless.  Cool...57 degrees when we got up..and sunny with low humidity all day.  Where was I?  Voluntarily (sort of) at work!  UGH.
The place is a mess but better that that clean and straightened up.  I can always clean.  I will do that in the morning as I have a dinner to prepare and serve tomorrow evening.  We are having salmon patties.  Baked 'taters, yeast rolls and green peas ( or buttered corn).  I will buy some sorbet for dessert.  The person coning to dinner loves the salmon patties as much as I do and we are willing to suffer the horrendous heartburn as that "Pink Beauty Alaskan Wild Salmon" is the best in the world that comes in a can. 
Did I tell you a loved friend gave me ears and ears of corn from his garden..about 10+ pounds of home grown potatoes as well..peppers, and squash too.
Oh I am so HAPPY to be on this blog.  **does victory dance**
Please come and see me.  I am so tickled!!Red heart

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