Sunday, October 3, 2010

Swoosh 2/07

Tell you what! Those high gusty winds they said that were to go through this area all night are here right NOW! Man, it's whistling through. No snow on the end of it however. Perhaps more rain. I can't complain (unless one of my many tall hardwood trees falls on the house) as Wisconsin and Minnesota are being hammered never mind other places in the mid west!!! I have it good (unless the trees fall, as I said).

My hobbyist photographer son happened to have had his camera out, on, and ready a little while ago and his resident hawk swooped down to have his lunch. My son said he heard the familiar "Skreeeee" as the Cooper's hawk swooped down and caught his dinner. Son said he though it might be a Starling that was captured. So, he took many many many pictures of the entire thing. The hawk flew off carrying whoever it was he caught. He will likely post the best of them on the Nikon site and put something nice on his own Spaces site. If I am not mistaken, you can't "borrow" a photo from the Nikon site. I tried as an experiment and it wouldn't let me. So while there is a C for copyright on the pix on his Space, there is nothing on the Nikon site's pictures he has posted other than his name. Ah (picture) has just gone off to the newspaper. Son asked editor if they would add something about preserving these guy's habitats. I hope it all happens.

I was looking forward to using my new heart monitor (made for exercise) (not one of those scary cumbersome things the Dr. makes some folks wear for 24 hrs.) and so I put it on this morning and fired it up as I got onto the treadmill. Shoot. I didn't get my heart rate up as much as I thought it was. Oh it was great in that it was within the range appropriate for me. Where I need to check it out is away from the house.

He just sent an email that everyone BUT the Bluebirds are trying out the Bluebird house out there at his house! There's a Titmouse in there now..peeking out. Different guys are trying it out. I thought the Bluebirds would pile in there this Winter. They do that, you know. But apparently not this time in this house.

I seem to be stuck in the house. Took me till 1130 to get prepared after reading some of the paper and doing my exercise. So, I don't feel impelled to leave for once. Someone wanna help me with these books? I keep asking and no one is knocking my door down to help me out here!

Have a great Sunday. I'll be thinking about you.

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