Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tempus Fugit April 2007

Time Flies!!! (When you're having fun). The days are going by at warp speed. You open your eyes in the morning (with a cat looking at you and a paw on your cheek to assist you, ahem, yeah...that's assist...awake. Next thing you is late night..midnight perhaps and there you are...the same cat ensconced on your chest assisting you to dreamland. Where did the day GO??? A whirl of things to do..places to go..people to see and then as fast as a blink, the day is gone. Now that sure never happened on my 12 hr. shift rotation, I assure you that. Each minute was an hour..each hour was a day...every day was a week. Except on break. Then the days flew by with alarming speed. Easy to tell this is all a matter of attitude.

Yesterday just didn't last long enough. I felt like I was in that movie, a really old one called "The Time Machine" where special effects showed daytime and nighttime changing back and forth rapidly in order to depict the passage ahead to the future of the man in the time machine. Yesterday was a gorgeous day however and it was good to be alive to enjoy it. A real gift. . One that you only get in Spring or Fall when it is not particularly hot, not a bit humid. None of the weather conditions to make a day something to 'manage', weather-wise. There was just perfection. I enjoyed every second of it. And I blinked was gone. Time for bed.

I did my treadmilling first, got dressed and bought some soup and crackers as my for-now- only foods. Overcome with the beauty of the day I came home, changed clothes, got a bottle of water, a new book and my camera and tried to go to the lakeside. The Regatta was in full swing however and therefore I could not get to my favorite place. I could pull alongside a picnic table and sit at a bench however right next to the lake and did so. I didn't stay too long, perhaps an hour and came home to go to the deck under the umbrella with all the phones, the book and the camera. There are 3 additional pictures in that top album, one with me. I also deleted 3 that were previously in there.

Yesterdays meals were tea, graham crackers, applesauce, soda crackers, Italian baked crackers, and soup later. I have never felt better. At this point I am doing it deliberately, not because my belly is still upset.

You know I am in here stalling. I have my exercise to do..get dressed and head to the bank. A larger MM is matured today. Lots more to do right after that. Hope your day is beautiful in ways that are meaningful to you.

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