Monday, October 25, 2010

This and That 9/07

What a beautiful day. And......

Today I won't do the treadmill thing because I am going to spend several hours in my weekly house cleaning ritual.  I start in the kitchen and work my way through to each bedroom with the living room last.  I am one of those silly people who love to look at vacuum cleaner tracks on the carpet.  Ahhhhh!  Lasts as long as it takes the cat to make her way through and over the tracks.  I see every tiny footprint all over the house in every room, every square inch of carpet.  She never misses a spot.  There are what I term "lay marks" too where she stretches out like a limousine for hours at a time.  The carpet gets weighed down in those favorite places of hers.  If it's important enough to you, you can get rid of them temporarily by using a clean stiff bristled brush, going against the "grain" a.k.a. the flat places.

It was 56 degrees outside when I woke.  The months long heat wave appears to be over at last.  AND that reminds me..the last 2 years when I started the heat for the first time of the year, I was met with cold air and had to stay in misery several days until someone could get out here to look at the system.  This time, much as I dislike paying over $150.00 for the service call and an adjustment, I have made a note to call  for an inspection now before it gets cold in the house.  For once!  It takes forever for me to get the point sometimes!

Meanwhile, I was up late last evening watching a landmark series from the BBC and hosted by Sir David Attenborough called "The Life of Birds".  SMASHINGLY good.  All kinds of birds, everywhere in every part of the world in every circumstance.  Land, jungle, water birds.  In the Arctic, the Antarctic, everywhere.  Species we know and those we've never heard of.  It's all there and done extraordinarily well. I listened to one DVD yesterday which lasted 180 minutes, and I have 2 more to go. What a wonderful thing to look forward to. It is from the producers of "Blue Planet: Seas of Life". I think this is also shown on a series on HDTV Discovery Channel. I can't get it, but that is alright.  I have the pleasure of the DVD's and I can watch it more than once.
My son has a link on his page 'Stream of Consciousness' to Amazon where this series is sold, if you want to take the non search option. 

I see that the house did not clean itself while I was in here typing.  That must mean that I will have to pitch in and do it. Me and the cat will tie our aprons on and start working.  Cat faceRed heart

Have a good day.  Do lots and blog about it later.  Smile

P.S.  I had the cat do the windows, and I did the rest of the house.  She is exhausted and making a new "lay spot" over by the treadmill, so I unplugged the vacuum and I will start on the back of the house first to give her more undisturbed time.  It's only 68 now and it is 1138 hrs. Who can resist getting the windows done?  I just set her to it.  She adjusted her apron, her cap, took off her glasses and went to it.


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