Sunday, October 3, 2010

Title Isn't There For Nothing 2/07

I called it Rambling On for a reason. Just as in my tag line where it states "stories, tales, accolades", etc....this one will be filled with various topics.

One, I hope you have all been advised of the product recall for Peter Pan peanut butter with 2111 in its product number. Salmonella reported in 39 States. I have some but apparently, I have a jar without salmonella as I have had about half a jar by now with no ill effects.

My cat advised me fairly early that the battery needs changing in my smoke alarm. Nothing like waking with two cat paws firmly grasping each side of your head and a little face in yours. I heard the chirp right after of the alarm device. It had been chirping for a little bit apparently.

My days of sitting about are gone. I have a challenging project to get done and my days will be occupied. That, as Martha says, is a good thing.

As I was writing that, I realized something about blogging. We none of us in the blogging family say a lot that is personal on an every day basis. A Valentine of mine said yesterday "Man, I couldn't write all that personal stuff!" I told him that I don't really write personal things. I write about experiences, mention my opinion perhaps, or I tell a story, or relate a harmless or funny happening to me or the family but I don't get personal per se. I haven't mentioned my hobbies with the exception of gemology, my interests (outside Miss Catt) what I love to do other than a mention casually of a couple of excursions I made in the past several months. I haven't even said what my project is. So, I'll bore you with my opinions ( see smoking etc) but I won't get into my 'inner works' so to speak. Unless you ask me about my children. Then I can get downright poetic and annoying!

Time to get on out of here. My fitness has to wait till another part of the day now. I will be around to see you in a while, those I haven't seen right after I got up.

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