Thursday, October 14, 2010

Tje Way of Things May, 2007

ey guys...I hope you didn't read yesterday's blog too quickly and think I was complaining/judging about personal blogs. I didn't and don't mean that. I only said that some folks just don't do personal. Some folks just do. The blog is theirs to do as they wish. I was just speaking to various personalities. And I revealed mine while I was at it. That's all.

It's raining and gloomy but you know what the usual corny sayings are and, ya gotta have the rain. I haven't had a chance to get out of the house so far. Still here what with people coming by and phone calls. Maybe now I can get on out.

It was good to come down the hall this morning and the TV was not on!! Yesterday it somehow turned itself on before I got up. No wonder the cat came in super early to say "rise and shine biscuit head"!! It messed her alarm clock up. It didn't cut off during the news  today, but I have to admit that WAS funny when it did, albeit annoying. It was just cutting off and on when it darn well felt like it. Today it's giving me a break. Well though, it IS early in the day. We'll see.

Meanwhile, I appreciate that several have asked after my cat. She said "thank you" and that she is "fine as frog hair" far as she knows. She had 4 not too good days but I think, like humans, she had a bad week and was under the weather. She is asking to play just as she always did and going through her usual routine. She put her little glasses on, tied on a fresh apron and helped me speed through the household chores this morning. She was successfully loaded into the new pet carrier to go to the vet last week. However, when I picked it up, while, thankfully, still in the house, it came apart in the back enough for her to get out. She won't allow me to get her in there again for a week or two so she has not been to the vet yet. She'll go soon. Knock wood!! :-)

I think they sent the wrong person home on Dancing With the Stars last night.

Meanwhile here I am..all prettied up and ready to go dazzle someone! Even if it's a clerk at the jiffy mart!!
Love some company if you want to come along. And if I am clever enough and give you enough Kool-Aid and crackers, you might join me for the bookshelf cleaning!!

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  1. I wonder what Kassey would do if our TV did that...I say Our as I do We. Sometimes she'll watch TV but gets bored.