Monday, October 25, 2010

Today is the Day September 25 2007

I took the film can in with the 8mm movies that were daddy's.  It will take a good month before I get them back in the form of a DVD.  Wednesday it will be picked up from where I left it after which it goes to Atlanta and then on to California.  I looked at a few feet of it.  Very faded.  But if any at all is retrievable, it will be worth the expense.  Like, this is OLD!  I remember as a girl seeing some of them.  Daddy when he was first married to Mother.  Things like that.  I also turned in a small Super 8.  No idea what's on there. 

I am sitting here doing this when I am being paged by the four footed one to brush her and then fish with her fishing pole and line.  I have the treadmill waiting.  SIGH. 

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes.  Today is the day.  I had a lot of ecards too all of which I appreciated very VERY much.  Thank you blogging family and friends near by.  A girl friend stopped by on her way from work yesterday and said  as she handed me a card " You're the only one I've ever given a rock to for her birthday!"  And indeed it was.  If you will remember, I collect gemstone roughs and interesting rocks as well as fossils.  This which she gifted me with is a piece of petrified stone.  LOVE it.  It went straight into the cabinet to display!!

Hopefully one of my sons if not two will be here this evening.  Looking forward to that.  The third can't.  he lives too far away.

I bought three photograph albums yesterday.  That means I will have to set up that little table I speak of every now and again when I actually get something done around here (bookshelves..linens etc) and start putting the recovered pictures into albums and all the loose ones that have been waiting on a home plus my time to do them.  I couldn't before as it takes so long to do it and I had so little free time.  Now, I forget to do it while I am enmeshed with other things.

If I still sit here...will the treadmill walk away?  I'm in my in a pony tail.  May as well face the music. 

This is a day the Lord hath made...rejoice ye in it, folks!  Red heart

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