Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today is Monday May 2007

Ahhh Monday! That means Dancing With the Stars tonight. I'd hate to waste money by planting my foot in the screen but someone else other than Apolo had better be booted or I will take it out on the TV. (Not Joey, he needs to stay)

Saturday, the baby Chickadees that had been in the wind chimes on the deck..I spoke of it several times and posted a picture of it to illustrate where they were...took their maiden voyages.

I saw soft fluttering at the window, and two baby birds were clinging to the screen. Their little sounds were so soft, and their wing fluttering was soft looking if that made any sense at all. One of the parent birds came to the deck railing and fussed. One baby went to the parent bird and the other stayed with me so to speak. Finally the parent Chickadee got both babies to her side and they all went to the trees. No one ever came back to the yesterday I inspected. There was one tiny egg unhatched. They are white by the way. I took a photo with a nickel next to it so one could tell how small it was. I cleaned out the chimes and stopped up the top with aluminum foil. I hope not to have any nesting there in that particular place again as it prevented me access to my deck. I couldn't disturb them, and they wouldn't feed the babies when I was out there. So, I gave it over to them.

Going to be reasonably busy. I take the youngest, who is going on the photo safari to Alaska to the airport early Saturday morning. My middle son and grandson will be here Friday night to stay for the weekend. They'll go home to N.C., and the oldest boy has a birthday Tuesday the 29th. So we'll celebrate that. meanwhile, I need to get some food..real stuff, not what *I* eat in here. I just snack more or less.

Last week I had a really black time of it with unpleasant happenings. I'll talk about it now to a degree. Mine and 16 others cars on the street were vandalized. That was an ugly senseless thing. That was the day before Mother's Day and I was immobile for 2 days until I could get The Glass Doctor to finally come out and repair it. Just give up generally if you need something on the weekend. Despite the fact that it rained hard and there I (and others) were with out windows broken. Luckily a dear friend lent me a heavy tarp.
I have a seminar to attend this morning so I need to get ready for that. Then if I plan some menus before I leave (1030) I will stop and shop!! Have a glorious week! I will!!

See picture below in this blog.

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  1. That is awful and I'm sorry it happened to you and your neighbors. I hope they caught the vandals. So good of a friend to loan you a tarp.