Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Top of the Morning 3/07

What morning would not be made even better than by closing the previous day with ....brussel sprouts??? Love the things. Last evening, oh, long about 9 I would say, I was hungry..looked in the freezer as I was going to have a grape ice confection and saw my brussel sprouts right up front where I put them the day before! 8 minutes later..I was scarfing them down. And to inquiring minds, I also love lima beans. Hold me back if you have any butter beans!!! Um Um good.

The living alarm clock did her feline duty this morning with some chin rubbing on the top of my head, a well placed poke with her paw in my cheek and with that, victory, as I sat up and went to fetch her breakfast.

I have done my duty (not Pilates!!!) and I'm off the treadmill and finished juggling the weights around. I would do the Pilates too except if you remember, we all have a date this early evening for that celebratory dinner. If I do Pilates now..I will be too stove in to move tonight. Tomorrow I will. Come early, stay late! I remember those of you who said you'd be there. Those who don't show..I will tell you where we went and what we had tomorrow!

I have a new pair of platforms (shoes) I wore Sunday for the first time. Pretty black leather ones with peep toes as they call them these days..and a few straps. Four inches high at the heel! I feared for my shapely ankles at first, but I trod carefully..negotiated all the steps in a deliberate manner, traversed sidewalks, risers and thresholds admirably and came home to tell about it. I think I may wear those tonight. I am the runt of any litter I am so short! I felt so..um...elevated and grown up wearing them that I may, as I mentioned, do it again! (nah, I'd probably fall off them sometime in the evening. Best left for day time excursions.. )

By the way, any of you handy men or handy women out there know why a two year old ceiling fan (ceiling hugger..not suspended from one of those longish thingy's) would commence to making a clicking noise when turned on? It isn't rattling..it is clicking and reminds you of a clock's tick. Any thoughts would be appreciated on what to do. It goes click-click a pause and then the same...click-click...and so maddeningly on.

Time for breakfast. See you later.

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