Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tree Advice 4/07

'll try to do a service to those of us who live in the Southeast with late freeze damage to their mature trees. I would think that this advice would also apply to any area in the U.S. with tree freeze damage.

Yesterday I wrote that my hickory and oak trees (at least their leaves)  were severely damaged in the Easter week freeze that lasted most of a week. All the leaves on the oak ( red Oak and White Oak) and hickory trees are dead. The maple trees were unharmed. Now as to the trees other than their leaves which is obvious, I cannot say. Time will tell but they are likely to survive. I will have to keep close watch or they will have to come down. They are huge and could fall on my house.

Here is what I have learned if it helps you any at all and I will quote parts rather than the whole.

Two U.T. Extension Bulletins by David Mercker PH.D, University of Tennessee Extension forester, and James Newburn, University of Tennessee Gardens Curator, state simply..."Water = Good, Fertilizer = Bad". Mr. Mercker goes on:

"When leaves appear blackened or purple or black they are most likely dead. Ice crystals have punctured the cell membrane of the leaves and recovery is not likely. The trees will be stressed, particularly as they attempt to re-flush new foliage they will have to draw upon already depleted starch reserves. Any additional stress during this growing period i.e. drought, insects, diseases could cause mortality." he also states that poplar and Gum trees will re-flush with new foliage faster than oaks and hickory trees. If they recover, there will be sparse crown growth, he says.

Water, he states, is the best remedy. Do NOT fertilize he emphasizes, till the end of next Winter...February '08. He also added that trees must produce the majority of their carbohydrates (food) during only a 1000 hrs. of the year. That being enough to sustain the tree 8760 hrs. in a year. So, he states the next several months are critical. This info is about trees only. Not shrubs and flowers.

This information was in my local newspaper yesterday. None of it is from me. I wish I had that knowledge. I have tried to give the credit to those that created the advice.

I noticed a bird flying to my small wind chimes on the deck yesterday and it appeared to be a hummingbird. It is someone for sure as I saw them within the chime housing. I went out later and the only way to get in is a tiny little opening on top. Quarter, maybe nickel size, if!!! I could see the shadow of whoever it was through the frosted panels of the little chime housing. I'll let you know if I have a boarder out there when I can tell who it is.

I'm in here stalling!!! I have to get up on the treadmill. See you soon.

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