Saturday, October 16, 2010

True Story of a Cat Who Loves His Family in Sickness July 2007

It is the end of my work week thank goodness.  It was a little aggravating today but probably because I was so sleepy.  I woke to rainstorm noises and wind at 3 this morning and did not go back to sleep until 5 despite my best effort.  Unfortunately the clock woke me just after 6 and as I told my family, I felt as though a truck had run over me and dragged me along behind it.  I had been sound asleep then and dreaming.  I so dislike waking like that and I have had burning eyes since.

However, I mentioned a true story.  This is one..and verified by me. 

I was speaking to a dear friend yesterday about my mention in yesterday's blog of Oscar the cat who lives in a nursing home and who goes to those  patients who are about to pass away. The JAMA article said two hours before death. Oscar keeps the dying patients company in their final several hours. It was then that my friend reminded me of something that I know is true.

She has a rescued cat called Tuxedo Man, or Mr. T for short. (and Terrence Stamp - "It Says Here" likely knows who that is... a Japanese anime character in "Sailor Moon".  Moving on however, I will tell you that her husband developed cancer several years ago.  He went through a very bad time and when the cancer moved to his kidney and bones, Mr. T began to pay special attention to him, the husband.  Mr. T rested sentinel on the floor by her husband's side of the bed each night instead of on my friend's side of the bed or in bed on her side. 

 When her husband was at the hospital for his grueling treatments, Mr. T sat atop her husband's clothes.  And when the husband returned home from the hospital and every day since right up to this minute...Mr. T begins his duties toward the husband by climbing up to where he either lays in bed or sits in his chair and gently sniffs him.  Then, he curls up near G. as though to be a comfort.  There is a strong bond between the two now where before, it was just my woman friend and Tuxedo Man who interacted.  Since G. became so ill, Mr. T has stuck to him lovingly even though prior to that diagnosis and treatment, neither Mr. T nor G. particularly liked one another.  I will verify that.  And only my woman friend fed him or played with him. 

I am just saying that there really does seem to be some sort of bond that has formed between those two and it started with G's diagnosis and first treatments.  It firmed considerably when G. became so desperately ill after the cancer spread. 

I honestly think that animals know things we simply cannot see, smell or be aware of.  We will never be able to communicate effectively with them and and conclusions we come to including what I just wrote of is sheer speculation but based on behavioral  evidence.  Who is to say it is wrong and conversely, who is to say it's right?  But I don't have to suspend my disbelief at all, to give credit to Oscar and his super senses.  Nor do I doubt at all that Mr. T knows G. will not be with us long. 

If there are dogs for example that accurately predict when seizures will occur..then I do not have any problem believing that a cat or dog can predict via their own senses when death approaches... and long to comfort their human companion.

Just a thought for you this evening.  From my own personal experience.Sleeping half-moon

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