Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Child 3/07

Tuesday's child is red of face. This one is as I just got off the treadmill and my face is red around the edges. If a face can have edges per se. (Actually I am a "Wednesday's Child" but not "full of woe")

I went to the Dr. yesterday to complain of having gained some weight after having quit smoking almost a year ago. He can see easily that I have been working out every day. I showed off my muscles (woman muscles, not those ugly things) and told him I thought I could take him! Actually I did say that to him. Ands he did laugh genuinely. We have a great relationship as Doctor and Patient and I love to kid. I'd bust wide open if I had to be serious all the time. He agrees that without my having worked out seven days a week every week, who knows how much weight I would have gained, as I seem to have exchanged eating for smoking. We are working on that and changing my mode of thinking. And eating for that matter!

He is an awesome diagnostician. The first time I saw him, I had been to the Walk-In clinic probably 7 or 8 times with a slight swelling under the jawline. The doctors there thought it was the lymph glands swelling and prescribed antibiotics. (I went to the Walk-In because I could not get a timely appointment with my own doctor group due to my 12 hr. shift rotation and overtime.) So, after going to the Walk-In so many times and finally being in some pretty good pain inside my mouth plus some serious swelling without...my Dr. got to see me. I insisted they take me in that day and after seeing me, they agreed. He took one look and said " I think you have a stone in your salivary duct." To make a long story much shorter he was correct. He made the surgeon's appointment for me himself and the next day I took off work and joked my way through surgery. I had to laugh there on the table because after all the preps..and 2 nurses standing there..one holding my jaws open; the surgeon said "hand me the knife" and I started laughing. I was actually quaking with laughter. He had to stop. He said " Will you stop that???" And that made me laugh harder. (no, no pain stuff...this was without that) But he was laughing too. On second thought I should have said "Now cut that out!!" I told him that a patient lying there hearing "hand me the knife" was material for a stand-up comic! We got through it though. There was a stone in there that they had tried to aspirate and could not. So, "hand me the knife".

OK. First time you have read anything of this nature in my blogs. It at least wasn't serious. If you can have a good time at the Dr. or with the surgeon, literally 'under the knife', I did.

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