Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Unforseen Circumstances 3/07

Well, heck. Due to unforeseen circumstances, here I am. Still at home. But there is always the next weekend and so on. Until they head overseas somewhere for the Fulbright Scholarship year of teaching. That's another reason I wanted to get on going over the mountains. You never know when the opportunity won't be there due to their travel.

 This is one of those good hair and good "face" days too. Can't show it off along the road! But maybe I can dazzle the dust motes in the house or various store clerks while I am here. :-)

Tell you what...it took only a few minutes to put everything away where it seemed to take much longer to get ready to go. One thing though...the chocolate walnut brownies will have to go to the freezer till another son shows up. Made a batch for the youngest the other day. Made another batch for them in Charlotte to eat. They'll keep right here though. And I was going to make yet another batch for the oldest when I saw him.

Meanwhile..it is raining as promised, and beginning to clear slightly to my west. All this is headed over the mountains where I was headed. Better than the heavy snow that the North East is dealing with. I understand there are literally hundreds of plane cancellations.

See you guys later. Nothing happening here.

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