Saturday, October 16, 2010

Warbling Trumpets July 2007

Yesterday one of my sons had written something in an on-line Sim City 4 thingy he belongs to. He had alluded to a made up by him place of business called "Warbling Trumpets, a Division of Off-Key Music Ltd. LLC". I laughed. I did until I got a taste of why he had written that.

Guess what? My grandson has taken up the trumpet!!!!!!!!!!! He wants very badly to be in the band this coming school year. He just got the trumpet like 48 hours ago. Luckily for him, their next door neighbor was a music major (she is also a teacher just as my son, her neighbor, is a teacher. How cool is THAT!?) Anyway, she offered to try to teach him the basics before he goes to school and does a try-out out for the band.

So yesterday when the phone rang, I had no idea I was going to hear a trumpet serenade by someone who has just picked one up. If enthusiasm counts.....he is already a virtuoso! I got treated to a medley of 5 songs AND the scale. Well, E D G part of the scale. He even takes the trumpet along these past 2 days when they go to a store and he stays in the car blowing on that trumpet. I know passers-by must think he is being punished (or maybe they think THEY are being punished!!) by a mean ol' Daddy making his son stay in the car all day blasting on that trumpet! He may be thinking that would be a good idea by now! But, he is a teacher, he can take it..his son wants to play, so we will watch for progress.

I think within 2 weeks my grandson will stay with me while his dad goes to Nashville for an overnighter. I hope the trumpet stays home.

Penny's has a sale going on..Marilyn, are you reading this? I simply had to check out their ANA stuff. Didn't find anything I wanted particularly and too, I was looking for jackets with short sleeves for work. I found a suit on sale..I forgot the maker. It was a good name. I bought it for the jacket as the price was so low after the 60% + and additional 15% by using my Penny's card, was taken off. I also got a so-called slinky knit top with 3/4 sleeves and with a tiny little print that looks like baby curls on it..(Briggs, I think it was by maker) and a St John's black V neck top 3/4 sleeve.

I will have to wear something on my head today! My hair is not too cool looking and I have a lunch date and no time to do anything with it. I have to go after him what's more, to his work place as he was brought in this morning (car pool) and no transportation. I don't mind that one bit. I was going to delete that as it looked as if I was complaining. No way.

Hope everyone has a great day! Later...

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