Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Was it the Hokey Pokey? 4/07

I woke up...(my 4 footed alarm assist), and, not really at all awake, I put my right hind leg out over the edge of the bed. Unfortunately the rest of me followed before I was ready! So I had a rude and thorough awakening! Good thing I have thick carpeting throughout the house. I always fight Tartars, Macedonians, and Hordes of every kind and I do it all night long. So I usually find myself catty-corner in the bed as a rule when I wake. Not this time. I re-played the surprising experience and find that I was at 0634 today what I am not in 'real time', and that is "on the edge". So, having made it to the edge of the bed...right TO the edge and having thrown that right hind leg out, no surprise, I was in just the right position (no pun intended I'm sure!) to fall into place. And so I did.

Meanwhile, having survived that battle, I dusted my hands off and marched in to feed my faithful companion. That was the idea, after all. At least that's how she saw it.

I need to get cracking this morning. I have an early luncheon to go to. It meets at 1100 hrs. and all the guys I used to work with (and those who currently work) will be there. It is that early as our stomachs got in the habit of eating at what seems to regular hour persons, odd times. When you are used to getting up at 0315 in the morning, believe me, 1000 is an EXCELLENT lunch time. And old habits die hard. I for an example, got up at 0315. Rolled into the parking lot at 0435. Walked down to HQ by 0445. On duty after certain things by 0535. Home at 1925 if I was on day shifts. Reverse that if midnight shifts.

We had tornadoes here last night. They had predicted severe thunderstorms but it got rapidly worse. The warnings stayed till 0300. Started at 2100.Nothing happened to me and my giant trees. ALWAYS scary. If I had the $30,000 (not LEAST that) to spare I would get the worst of them down. One could argue the old argument..what's house or $30,000. Can't go thru all that in a blog though.

You all have a wonderful day. I am sure to. Come and see me.


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