Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wednesday 2007

I have not been as prolific as usual about the blog.  I just skipped a day between  blogs rather than every day as I love to do. As have many, I noticed I was spending time in here when I needed to be attending to other hobbies in my spare time.  Even reading, which is a joy to me fell by the wayside..  I know I have read that from others as well.  I have a good habit of at least checking in on each blog through the day that is in my list of links. I don't always comment but most times I do.  Sometimes it's a hurried one..a sort of a 'love pat' as I pass through.  There are so many that it takes quite a bit of time. 

I happened to have been reading yesterday afternoon when I heard an awful thump in the vicinity of the front door.  The cat woke up and looked pointedly at the front door.  I laid aside my book and got up..threw open the door and saw nothing.  Not until my gaze drifted downward and there was a cloud of tiny pin feathers.  The downy ones that are soft.  Gray pin feathers and worse still..there were wing or tail feathers.  Too many of them, lying in the azalea beds.  I dreaded looking farther but I did.  Fortunately or not so, I did not see the poor bird that suffered flying into my door.  He or she left a smudge on the door..that powder-like substance that is in the feathers.  Oh the poor guy.  If I had found him, I know he is grievously injured. That I did not find him, spared me the pain of seeing that injury.  I have no idea how he got away to hide but I do know he cannot live like that.  Oh I just hate that happened so much.  Poor poor little one.

I went out to clean the bird bath again this afternoon.  With this heavy curtain of my hair cut, and it not hanging down my back, I have to say it was worth getting the cut. I was not as miserably sweaty as I was the day before doing the same thing and putting out more safflower seeds.  I look more business like instead of diva like.  That always takes a little adjustment. Red rose

Tomorrow starts the work week.  It will be horribly miserable driving home late tomorrow night when I get out of work.  The steering wheel burned my hands these past two days just being in the grocery store!! Just think when it sits all day in the broiling sun.

I will head in to read again.  I do believe I have been to see everyone.  Have a great day tomorrow.Red heart

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