Friday, October 15, 2010

A Weekend of Family June 2007

As mentioned yesterday, I had 2 of 3 sons here for a while before they took off like big birds into the Big City and left me here!! BUT also as mentioned, I got a call from one favorite brother, nephew and sister-in-law and then, I called my other favorite brother (I have 2 brothers total) and talked to him at length...then called my first favorite brother yet again with some news gained after I called my aunt, and so on and so on. He wasn't there so talked to my nephew again. Then, my brother called again to ask what I said, so we talked some more. All in all, I spent several hours altogether talking to family. Love it. That doesn't happen often. Not that much in one day is what mean.

Today has been a standard Sunday as you can imagine with exercise thrown in and then some small grocery shopping in the afternoon after a thorough clean-up. I had a vexing mishap while cleaning however. I so wish that had not happened. When one of the more whoopty-doo department stores in Charlotte NC was going out of business, I went to the sale and bought three clocks. One small crystal clock which I still have in my room. One French motif clock which did hang on my kitchen wall. It fell when the house was being sided and never ran again. That hurt as it was a lovely clock and looked or was supposed to look like a railway station long ago, in Paris. I had to throw it away. However, I also had bought a stand up clock that I keep on the tiny desk in my kitchen with a French motif also. Two tiny little painted on seemingly, clusters of grapes and some French phrase or other along with some purple flower clusters. Very pretty. Old fashioned hands. The thing fell off the desk due to a lamp falling over, and the clock fell to the floor. It looks fine but it will not run. neither clock was nor will be repairable. SO...the never ending and never to be found again search goes on looking for a replacement. SIGH! This has been a sorry month and a half for me for several reasons, none of which (save one) have I blogged about. they say in these parts...any day above ground is a good day. If you see one like it (I included a picture in the blog) tell me where!!!

Thursday will be my first day of work. I have all my wardrobe chosen from my own closets too. I'm so glad I had the patience to look there first instead of automatically running out and buying more un-needed clothes again. I have so many clothes, it really was an exercise in patience to go looking in them first.

Several of the blogging family will be on vacation or traveling for work. I will miss them very much. Kimmy, you and the family please be safe and enjoy yourselves. Marilyn, my dear, stunning as always and colorful as you are in petal pink , get better soon and be on your way with the new crew!! All of you have a great evening. I hope to see you in the blogs.

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