Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, NOW 9/07

Well NOW, you're going to have to come over and try some cherry tea! 

I was in a Russian market yesterday and I bought cherry tea!  Never was a tea drinker much except for Earl Gray when I am in the hot tea drinking mood.  I also bought several packets of cookies or wafers to go with the tea as a treat.  The entire thing is in Russian Cyrillic so I haven't the faintest idea what is in the cookies or what flavor they are.  I do not know a thing about them but hey..have to try something new once in awhile. 

I also bought a tiny triptych.  First one hand painted like that I have ever seen.  I wish I had one like one of my boys brought home when two of them went a couple years ago to Turkey and Greece.  Italy too if I remember correctly.  All in the same trip.  I so wish I had one like the middle son brought back.  It is decently large and they don't come inexpensively.  Not even my tiny one. 

I have to say that was the first time I have ever been in a market and the ads were all in Russian.  (Naturally) as were the hand written posted "want ads" done by people wanting a job or something.  It was in Russian but there were tear-off phone know, the style we are used to where each person interested just tears off one of the numbers and saves it till they call whoever is offering the service.  In this case, who knows that the services are.Confused

It was fascinating.  And there were a decent number of customers coming and going..all of whom spoke, you guessed it, Russian.  The person behind the counter was very nice and had a good sense of humor as I bought a greeting card (they do not come with envelopes, go figure!) and she let me know that was for a grandmother.  I bought it for someone who is anything but.  However, she's going to get it anyway.

There were fish lined up all pointed in the same direction and looking to be a variety I have never seen.  They  were small in the face and mouth and their expressions varied in the amount of surprise they expressed with finding themselves in a showcase.   There were sausages to the left of them and they, the sausages, were formidable looking let me assure you.  The bologna (they did have that. It said so in a small sign at the bottom of the tray) looked as though it was not artificially colored as our commercial bologna is, and appeared to be more meaty in texture.  Nope.  Didn't buy any.

If I haven't told you yet I have stopped my part time job as my back was in too much pain with the standing.  Until I see what can be done, I don't think I will be doing any further jobs that require a lot of standing. I wanted you to know.  I also thought I would tell you I am still smoke free after 15 months.

I hope it has been a fun weekend and a relaxing one.  It was for me.Red heart

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