Thursday, October 21, 2010

What a Day 8/2007

It was horribly humid and hot yesterday.  A feels like of 111 at 1800.  It was a feels like of 105 when my boss sent me out on a lot of errands.  I was even more glad I had had my hair cut as I was extraordinarily hot while walking to and fro with this and that.  I did some major sweating in my all black outfit, Who knew I would be out and I wasn't prepared.  I still smelled good!  Red rose but I was felt damp and wanted a shower the rest of the day.  Oh well.  Supposed to be near 100 again today and of course there will be the requisite humidity.

Here I am when I should be on the treadmill.  I have plenty of time to do that however when I am finished in here.  Tomorrow I won't as it is the long day. I suspect within a month I will need to move on to something else as these days are not optimal for me.  That's why they are free to work..they aren't optimal for anyone really,  Half the weekend is gone and that means I have to say "Mother may I"? in order to go see family in N.C. on any weekend as the weekend is 2/3's of my work week.  I've already blogged about that and how for years and years my time was never my own what with the rotating 12 hr shifts. I sort of don't want to knowingly stay in that mode.  Not when I don't have to.  A sense of obligation is what is keeping me there right now.  They are strapped for personnel.

Blisteringly hot and I know many others have the same situation.  The humidity is supposed to lower somewhat this weekend with a weak cold front,.  Bring 'er on!!!  Of course come Winter I will wish these days were back!  Sun Gosh, we're never satisfied for long with what we have...seems to be the human condition.

I never did find that birdy.  But with at least 6 of his long feathers gone and lying in the flower bed never mind all his downy feathers that were out there in clouds..his outlook is not good.  Poor guy.  It was the storm door (full glass all the way down) that he hit and the front door (dark brown) was closed against the heat of the day.  But you have seen that picture of me in my uppermost album in the blog, reflected in that same door.  That was almost...alllllmost as good a reflection as looking in a mirror.  You can see me very plainly.  So I can see the birds dilemma. 

So, what's the diva going to wear?  Pure linen.  It really IS cooler to wear regardless of the wrinkle quotient.  My Coco Mademoiselle, and unfortunately my SAS shoes.  :-)  Those things are life savers though.

OH!  The guy who proposed was in there yesterday winking and grinning.  It was funny!!!  It's a good thing I learned long ago not to take anything seriously.

Go have a great day,  I'm going to if it kills me!  Wink

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