Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What a Great Day it Was 4/07

Blog walking this morning I see that others in the blog family had a great super fantastic weekend too! The weather was perfection here. 79 outside and 80 in the house. Sun was shining all day and the humidity was only 27%. Now you can't do any better than that!

The rest of my day was wonderful. I spent time avoiding doing the bookcases. Successfully, I am sorry to say. However, I did get the kitchen and its floor gleaming. It already was, but I did it again anyway. And not to be outdone...any reachable glass surface, i.e. windows and doors were cleaned inside and out. The bathroom was cleaned, and the house vacuumed, furniture dusted and waxed. The entire rest of the day was spent outside. Oh it was perfection out there. I didn't leave the house proper this time as the deck was good enough for me. I didn't visit anyone and no one showed up here either. So I stayed out on the deck under the umbrella at the bistro table with shorts and tank top, the Sunday paper, the phones and a bottle of water. I had to get my floppy sun hat as the sun kept reaching up under the umbrella and said " Got'cha!!" I have a little bit of a sunburn. Easy done when you are as china white and freckled as I am. :-)

I was in the house so little, that Miss Catt was mashed up against me all night when I went to bed. Or I should say when WE went to bed as she crawled in there right after me. She missed me. I finally had to turn over after an hour or so, so I dislodged her from her place mashed into my neck and shoulder. She went to the middle of the bed and made a nest there. After that I had a good night sleeping.

I have things to do and people to see today as the saying goes, so I don't think I will have the completely relaxed day I had yesterday. Everyone deserves a halcyon day once in a while. It's the fuel that keeps us going through the lesser days. Of course every day is a gift..I am well aware of that.

I'll probably keep coming back with P.S.'s..but in any event..please have a great day! Come see me. I will have been to see you, of that you may be certain. (If I finally DO do the bookcases I won't be able to resist coming and telling..hoping for praise!)

Here's ONE P.S. I like having a guest book but the bloomin' thing takes up so much room on the blog! Good grief. You'd think it would just say Guest Book and not have to show all the comments down in a row. There went my Weather and links. They are at the bottom.

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