Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What Have You n This and That 4/07

Yesterday I took the high road sort of. A girl friend and I went to The Big City whereupon we examined what is available in HDTV's, the stands and all of that. I see what I will be paying just about and glad my one son insisted I go look before the choice would be made. I hadn't any idea what was available as I never cared since I didn't watch hardly any TV anyway. So, we looked at those and then headed out to look at the more girly stuff. I think we hit three shopping centers before we steered back here to my place. We made pretty much a day of it as she got here mid morning and we didn't roll up to my driveway till near 1700.

The good part was, I hardly bought anything. I could have, but nothing stood out and said "buy me". I did come home with another collegiate stepping stone for the garden. That's it. I didn't buy anything in Charlotte either of consequence. Nothing appealed. I only buy what I really want.

Another beautiful day out there. I have the treadmill facing me this morning before anything else. Then I will see if I can talk myself into doing all the book cases. If I didn't have to pile all the books into categories, I think I wouldn't dread it so much. And to make it worth while, I may as well do it right. That's what's taking me so long. I haven't gotten out the pen and paper to decide what categories, which bookcase and what will I do (temporary storage I mean) with the several I am getting rid of. ( those that aren't old friends that I re-read constantly). I have to write down what goes where too so I will know as I have double and triple rows on the shelves. Why you ask? Because this is a small home and I haven't room for any more bookcases.

I wish I could take pictures of the nesting Chickadees but they have chosen an opaque container in which to reside!!! You can't see through at all. When I get dressed for the treadmill in a minute I'll go take a picture so you'll see what I mean. The finches are still trying to drink the hummingbirds nectar! I am in a quandary about that. They have food out there for them..seeds, etc. and I have no idea why this pair are doing that. But I am afraid they are running off the hummingbirds. They have their food. I wish they would stick to it.

As a P.S., I DID take a picture of the wind chimes so you can see where mom and dad Chickadee live now.  I also added a few pictures of the inside of thehouse as a few of the blog family have emailed or have asked me where I live and what the house is like.  So you can see the house some, and also see that I really meant it when I said I detest curtains and don't have 'em.   The new pictures are in the top album that is showing.  I also included the dead Hickory tree since Easter week.  How many of you know the difference in appearance between a ground squirrel and a chipmunk? Did you even know there was a ground squirrel?

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