Friday, October 15, 2010

What Light Thru Yon Window Breaks? June 2007

t's bright, sunny, early and another work day to my surprise. I am giving it another work week as we know from yesterday, to see if sitting more in a good chair will help. (lumbar area). I have several hours so there is time to get onto the treadmill and cool down as well before I have to get dressed for work. OH! That reminds me.

Yesterday I mentioned that I may as well look for 'work-ware' as I called it, while in The Big City. We hit the jackpot!!! We went straight to our favorite store and split up when we got there. I was looking for short sleeved jacket type tops to go over cami's and sleeveless tanks (more formal looking at work) and she, something else. I never did find what I wanted. I tried on several but the colors were just not what I needed. A pale insipid beige (ewwwww!!!) and an equally pale insipid blue (ewwwww!!!) so, I hung them back up. On my way around to see what she had, I saw a sale rack extraordinaire! They are trying to get rid of the last of their cold weather things and they were $50.00 + dollar velvet tops in jewel tones. Deep teals, deep, deep purple, heady crimsons, and lastly, black. They were already 50% off. If the price ended in .99 or .95, an additional 30% was taken. I got tops and hoodies for about $3.00!!!!!!!!!! I have to wait to wear them yes, but wow wow WOW!!!!!!!!! Nothing for work though but what the heck! I also saw a simple long white linen skirt. Tailored..thin waistband, thin hem. Just one, of course. No ornamentation. Just the way I like it. Too big. DANG!!!! (way too big...a "no fix" too big)

We found a trash can that we hope will work. The raccoon will have to be pretty good to get this one open. Now, he can turn it over though it is taller than the others. All he has to do is get atop the thing to turn it over. BUT it has a press down top with several ring-like edges along the lid, it requires some strength to open I found, and it has a latch to help anchor the lid closed. Add my bungee, and that MAY hold him back. Most would say on reading this " My money is still on the raccoon"!

You know I'm stalling. The treadmill awaits. It's 0722. I still have to do that, get prepared blah blah blah and head to the grocery for milk etc (forgot yesterday) and then, final touches before work. So...see you later on. Be home at 1845.

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