Wednesday, October 6, 2010

What to Do...What to Do? 4/07

What to do? What to do?

I have three choices here among others. One, I could FINALLY dump the hundreds of books out of the shelves and rearrange, clean up and organize the shelves. I have been complaining and going on about that task for a year! Two, I could go to a good friend's house and spend part of the day there with her..and of course we'd go out for lunch. Three, I could go to The Big City and look at HDTV's and something to put my CD's, tapes, and so on, into. Or, I could do something entirely different.

Youngest son did come over last night for dinner, picture taking out on my deck (pickin's were slim yesterday for some reason) and to help me figure where to hang the professionally framed photos he took. (I am not good at doing my own framing and matting. I just don't have the knack therefore I had to pay!) He did a good job in choosing where. Plus we rearranged several I already have into better locations. One thing he insisted on was not hanging the pictures as high as my instinct makes me do. These are barely above eye level. That's where they should be. Not practically hanging from the ceiling molding!!! I'm bad to hang things too high up on the wall. I think I will do better now.

I changed my look here at the space. It said "white cats" in the descriptor but darned if you can see them! You see the top of a paper bag (my cat loves being a bag lady and is in hers a lot!) and that's it. MSN gave us a guest book. I went ahead and put one on here but no one will use it I would say. However, there are two beautiful white cats that show up THERE! Gee whiz. Why not put them where you can always see them if that's your theme!

OK! Who's up for heading to the Big City? I want to see what's available before I buy. Nothing much here in this small town. Git in the car then and that's what we'll do! OH! By the way, those are Black Capped Chickadees in my wind chimes housing. The opening at the top is a little larger than I thought it was when I first wrote of it. While my son was out on the deck last night to take pictures, he said the male chickadee was trying to distract him and get him to leave so the female (and the male) could get to bed! Meaning the little wind chime house. The mama had some nesting material in her mouth , son said, so he came on in. Sure enough, she flew over with her housing in and I could see her form through the frosted look of the sides of the chime housing. I will have to put a large rubber mat down soon..underneath. Guess why?


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