Tuesday, October 5, 2010

whatta Day 3/07

usy day and lots of fun!!! Just got home. I worked out and then got ready to leave for shopping and lunch with a good friend. I have a new pocketbook...and no, I didn't need it really BUT it was on sale!!!!!!!!!! 40% off! AND I also got what I actually went for, a pair of New Bal-ance shoes as I am wearing these guys out right and left! Those were 40% or was it 50% off? We looked at the dresses and skirts and stuff and resisted somehow.

There was THE cutest guy in the WORLD at the restaurant. I think he was just roaming asking everyone how things were..but man, my friend and I were enjoying the view! WHEW!  Dark hair, dark beard...whoa! I'd trade a whole bowlful of brussel sprouts for another look!!!

A dear blog friend mentioned to me in an email that though it is Spring, Winter still had hold of her Soul and heart. She wrote me she was not as 'aware' and happy as she would like to be. I answered her right away with what some may see as a homily but I meant it sincerely as a way to send a piercing shard of brilliant sun all the way to where she is, from me.

I said in essence that as with her, most of us at this time of year, Spring, want our inner selves to be in sync as it were, with the rebirth, beauty and newness of Spring. We desire to feel beautiful inside ourselves as well...and chase out of our minds the coldness, and sometimes, sad feelings.

Seeing the sun, the fragile new flowers, enjoying their fragrance while we may perhaps, as is she, be still in Winter stage, is why she is sad. Sometimes we must be determined to break away the ice from around our own heart rather than wait for something external to us to do it. May that have happened already, dear friend.

Meanwhile, I have the house to clean and already it is 1506!!! And the day is so beautiful it is almost un-tellable!! I want to be outside and I may do that instead of the house.

May YOUR day be lovely and your hearts light.

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