Wednesday, October 27, 2010

When Bloggers Meet 10/07

I am going to...or I should say WE are going to meet a fellow blogger tomorrow.  She's really my son's contact but she is such a blessing that I too have been blogging with her.  So she is on her way from FL. to visit friends in another part of this State and then, on to here so as to meet us and spend some time.  They, my son and she are going birding in the morning (you know him and his camera!  He just got another lens..a pro lens) (she likes to take photos of birds) and then, we will all three meet for lunch.  I am so looking forward to meeting her.  Kimmy, if you happen to be reading this, I do believe the next step is hiking in Frozen Head!! Now that's one I will beg off from.  (Whew!!  My git up and go got up and went when it comes to  hiking there! Snail)

We  got some rain last night while I was asleep.  The sound actually woke me up.  I lay there wondering what on earth was that noise.  That is honestly how long it has been since we had a decent rain.  The sound was that unfamiliar.  No idea yet till the noon news how much we got.  Must have been  some wind too as that is what woke me really... after which time I heard the unfamiliar sound of rain hitting the heat/air unit outside my window. No way is the drought affected but at least it was a refreshment to the plants and the birds.

Diva that I am, I can't go out till my hair is finished.  I don't do heat on my hair which frankly is why it looks good.  So I have to deal with huge rollers till it is set.  THEN I can go out.  But when I'll be a knock out you should only excuse me for saying so.Wink

There is someone here in the house being a clingy little pest.  She has 4 feet.  So I will leave it to you.

Has anyone seen "Pushing Daisies"?  I think it is one of the best shows the network has put out there.  There is fun, there is drama, there is darkness, there is complete farce, there is fancifulness, and you can certainly tell that Tim Burton helped with its creation.  I wouldn't miss it if I could help it.  I just suspend my disbelief and enjoy!!  I could pick it apart and say this or say that but I choose not to.  It's just a show.  Not a way of life.

Meanwhile, I am still getting my diva look going here.  You should see my new white top!  It's just a tank but it smooth knit and ribbed as well..all white,  sweetheart neckline, and three teeny tiny buttons that don't function at the top.  Rows of lace down the front.  Very feminine. It's mighty warm, so shorts and that are the uniform of the day.  Trying to stop paying attention to the tiny boss of the house and get my face on so that when I get my hair down and combed..I can go forth and collect scalps.  (Of course, certainly I am kidding) (aren't I??)

Meanwhile...I want to call our blogger friend on her cell phone and cheer her on and vacuum!  Can't have anyone not see a groomed carpet!!

Hugs to all of you.Red heart  You may come by and admire me anytime after I get my hair done.  Smile


  1. I bet that little 'pest' knew who were going out. We have to spell in front of cats, you know. lol

  2. Must be bedtime, can't pay attention to my typing.