Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whew, It;s Hot 8/2007

"I've been workin' on the railroad..all the livelong day..." but I'm home now till next mid week.

I called 2 girl friends..'cause listen to is a review in the local paper for a new just opened restaurant.  Yankees need not bother reading.  We're going to go!

It's called "Beans and Things" and they offer real honest to goodness down home Southern comfort food cooked by a Southern woman from this immediate area. 

Cubed steak and gravy, salmon patties, meatloaf, all at once on your plate...with real mashed potatoes, corn and green beans..nothing from a can.  You can get that AND a bowl of the best pinto beans ever eaten with a hunk of raw onion on the side.  AND a plate of cornbread and cheese biscuits!!!With crunchy fried okra!  And an endless glass of iced tea. OR...they offer 6 main courses.  A veggie plate, chicken fried steak, chicken tender basket, chicken and dumplings  the real thing folks!!!  12 veggies to choose from. Garden salads from a garden, not that ol' bagged stuff!! All kinds of sandwiches including fried bologna.  Carrot cake, peach and blackberry cobbler, root beer floats...Oh my even says at the end of the review..'wear loose clothing'.  My word!!!!  Valhalla!  Eureka!  The phrase 'died and gone to my reward' comes to mind.  Of course this is standard fare for us at home in the South when we are casual.  We cook this way at home but never get that when we go out.  And a lotta Yankees never get our kind of food from a restaurant.  You would have to be invited into someone's home.

Work was good.  We sold a decent amount of things.  But it was a beautiful if boiling hot day and I was wishing I were home and out and around.  Not there. 

Guys..hope you had a good one..I did. Red heart

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