Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Who Knew? 3/07

Did my usual treadmilling and weights..headed out to a store and bought a couple Christmas presents..and while looking for a hand truck to help me haul these hardcover books around (didn't find one yet) I stopped off at the pet supply store again.

The cashier had the python again. He was around her wrist and forearm while she was tending the cash register. I just had to rub that side again. He was like warm silk this time. Last week he was cool-ish. But while there, I got a mat to put the cat's food and water bowls on that guarantees she won't be able to shove them across the floor. We will see about that! I have an especially heavy china dish for her water bowl because too many times she has gotten in the move things around mode and moved her dishes. Unfortunately, light plastic turns over readily and I came home from long absences at work to find a pool of water on my wooden floor. Not good. I have zillions of newspapers, a plastic place mat, a heavy china bowl, and now this whatever-it-is to help keep any spillage off the floor.

While there I looked at the pet toys and found her just what I have been wanting to try. A VHS tape of things of interest to cats. I popped it in...put a cushioned chair in front of the TV, turned it on and she was in the chair watching within seconds!!! That thing really works!! The tape is called "Cat Sitter". Some places, like catalogs and TV shows, charge as much as $27.00 for it. No way I will spend that much, but at the Pet supply place, I paid $10.00 (and tax of course). It started out with bird chirping which kept up but the scene was pet rats in a cage moving around. She was/is captivated. But she had been on duty all night long and all day too except for a brief entertainment break watching a corner in the spare bedroom. So, sleep took over there in the cushioned chair after half an hour. But the tape is standing by for the next "act".  I left it at the part with chipmunks and butterflies.

I enjoyed looking over all the pets, non traditional, in the store (except for a few birds...parakeets and canaries with a few Society Finches.) There were snakes (I guess you noticed that!) and tarantulas, frogs of several varieties..none native I don't think. If I remember, one was called Fire Frog. He had a mottled red underbelly. There were geckos, ginkgoes, snakes, froggies. Just a plethora of cool beings. None that I could or would adopt though.

Something is sure going on with MSN Spaces. 14 or so replies from one person all saying the same thing. I know you too have had the same problem. And..taking forever to let you make a comment IF it lets you make one..many many times it says server busy...many times it says it is sorry but it can't take you to the site you are choosing. This, for me anyway has been going on for several weeks.

I think I will painstakingly type out all the addresses and put in links to you guys and eliminate the Friends module. Too many complaints from folks who say my page with almost NO gadgets and pictures..no music..no geegaw's takes forever to load. I'll fix that by getting rid of Friends and go to links again.


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