Friday, October 15, 2010

Who Knew I Would Be Interviewed For a Job? June 2007

Who knew today I would be interviewed for a job? I certainly didn't. I had gone on out this morning to pick up what I had hoped was a repair on my crushed 18k rose gold earring. It's a hoop and crushed beyond repair, so I came to get it back and put it and its twin away till I think of something. (fell out of my ear at Wal-Mart and got stepped's wide).

Anyway, on my way out, the owner of the store (it is a higher end jewelry store) asked me to step into the office and essentially interviewed me. I had expressed interest in working there several years ago while I was a 12 hr. shift rotation person as I had great interest in gemology and had learned a little through time. However we both knew that the pay could never be what I was making so, while I didn't forget, looks as if he didn't either.

Those of you who have read the blog off and on have no doubt noticed I speak of gemstones fairly often and you may know that I collect gemstone roughs. That is a term for gemstones just the way they come out of the earth. Love the things. Here is this rock..turn it... and there is a perfect citrine, for example. A ruby emerald. Amber. Garnet. Azurelite. A sapphire, a diamond. I have it all and more. I have always been interested in gemology and wish I could have taken the college courses for certification as such, but they are not offered here. One would have to move. Not an option. However, if I can help care for those that are in the store and help place them with customers who will enjoy them, all the better.

I am not a salesman in that my career has been anything but sales or anything else typical for that matter. However, I do enjoy people and my prospective employer "knows" me as a customer and said he likes my personality. So, I am thinking this over. Gosh knows it isn't for the money as it would take me, who is untrained, 6-8 months to be trained he said. I may make enough to half fill my gas tank once a month. :-)

So...I wound up with that experience and now must look through my wardrobe and see if there is anything that will fit decently enough. (I gained some weight after quitting smoking). It won't look good to MY satisfaction as I am such a diva and perfectionist WILL go around me and this may be the extra leverage (no pun intended) to er...catapult (yeah, that's the word) me into the world of losing weight again! I still wear all my same clothes..just they are tight. We will see what I do. One good thing is he knows from my former occupation that my reputation in impeccable as is my character. (Had to be, to keep my job).

So..that's the newsflash from here. Oh, and I got stood up by a feller I was supposed to meet with noonish but I know there had to be a good reason. So, no problem.

Come see me. Later.

P.S.  I got tickled..I laughed out loud at Michiko's comments in my album up there!  She is so humorous!!!

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