Thursday, October 21, 2010

Who Says So? Auguest 2007

I was reading an article in another major City's newspaper.  There was a breakdown of the top (??????) 10 schools where crime is rampant.  I did say crime.  We're talking assault, drugs, weapons, theft, drug paraphernalia, se-x-ual assaults, concealed weapons and the like.

It said the police responded to no less than 80 incidents weapons related.  9 incidents of a weapon being discharged at a school address. and 40 cases of a juvenile with a weapon at school.  And that was for just 17 weeks  from February 1 to June 1.  From August to December, the same police responded to 1,367 calls to the address of that City's middle or high schools. 

Someone interviewed for that article said something similar to what I will paraphrase here. (I can't write who or where as I don't have permission.  I am reading  the newspaper article and expounding on it.)  that when you are calling for the police that many times in 1 year, and we're expelling 7 students and thumping our chests about cracking down on discipline, there is a serious disconnect. 

Well, certainly I agree.  That is hardly discipline when you look at the numbers.  Schools are "taught" to retain the worst attendee who have no interest in learning, doesn't want to be there and  who cause havoc each day.  They have no choice but to keep them as that is what the community wants. And the article was accompanied by a diatribe by some City official who blamed TEACHERS!!!!!!!! for this!!!!  That, and being blamed for  the low LOW learning curve in some of the schools.  So low they are bringing in others to take over so to speak.  You cannot MAKE someone learn!  If they won't or can't and don't even attend or work in the classroom, I do believe some responsibility rests with parents.

 Teachers have NO say whatsoever in disciplinary policy.  Nor do they have a hand in enforcing said discipline or lack thereto!!!!  I get very tired of hearing/reading comments in the media blaming teachers for the ills of the school systems.  No, THEY are the ones who have to wade into that quagmire every DAY and sometimes feel their lives threatened..never mind the mind numbing abuse they are  many times forced to take from the public in the  way of complaints, and from administration who passes the buck of the publics complaints on to the teachers and from the students who feel free to say anything they want. They can and frequently do curse at and spit on teachers.  Yes..they do.  And more including threats. And the teacher has no recourse other than to send said "child" to the Principals office hoping for some relief.  None comes all too frequently.  Then the parent comes in to say that you the teacher are harassing their child.  No, MY child would NEVER say or do what you're accusing them of!!  Then the teacher gets thumped again by the administration who knows the teacher is telling the truth.  But apparently it's (thumping the teacher) 'placate the parent' policy.

No wonder that teachers leave in droves every year.  Who wants to be paid so little for so much abuse?  And when the school classroom environment is frequently hostile toward the teacher and toward other students who choose to try to learn ( No, not all schools are as I just described..I know that) then the student who wants to learn can't.  The teacher is busy trying to keep order or defend him/herself against some other students. By the way, the teacher has a State mandated curriculum to teach from so if you have a complaint about the curricula, go complain at the proper level.  Not to the poor teacher doing what they are told  or mandated to do.  Think I am exaggerating?  Well, I am here to tell you I am not!

Teachers have by and large been pressed into service to give meds (no school nurse many times) and to teach certain things that are better taught within the home. I am probably saying that some folks have abdicated  some aspects of the rearing of their children  to the school system (who feeds them now and provides baby sitting service for working parents if that is needed).  Am I or was I a working parent?  To be sure.  The only parent.  Did I ask for for or avail myself of those services?  No.  Just so you know I am not talking out of the other side of my mouth.  That's up to the individual and their circumstances,  I am not condemning it..I am just citing an example of the last 20 years expectations of the school nowadays.

I know very well that not all schools fit this model I have written of.  But too many do.  I know that not all parents abdicate their parental duty.  I know that I am talking of a very bad situation in a very large city.  So no one needs to take offense.  I am bringing up 1 agenda in 1 City just for thinking about.

I am aware there are those in the profession who should not be.,  Every profession has its unworthy element.  Teaching is included.  Some should not be there. Just so you know I don't think they are all without blame.

I believe that qualifies as a rant. Must have been brewing a while.  Like everyone else, I have an opinion too.  Sun

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