Saturday, October 16, 2010

Who? What? July 2007

Howdy!  I am trying to decide what to wear but while I am doing that I am baking some brownies.  I'll take them in for the guys.

I failed to say yesterday that the pieces I bought at that department store were very much on sale.  The entire extravaganza cost me little after 45% off.  The leather ballet shoes were $13.00 believe it or not!!

I am still working out to anyone who wondered at all..and I doubt that.  But while the family was here..I did nothing.  So I have that lost week but that's alright.  I have been doing so since Monday morning after house cleaning.  I don't want my arms to lose their toning more than I am concerned with anything else.  They are sure not perfect..after all, I am a 'certain age'.  BUT they sure look better after taking care of them every day with exercise since 10/1/06.  I had to see my physician a month ago...regular routine visit,  and I was telling him my exercise 'program'.  I believe I have already blogged that I looked at him  with a level stare after flexing the muscle in my arm, and then said " I think I can take you!" He laughed!  I'm fortunate in that I have a doctor not only with a sense of humor but one that I like.  And I can tell he likes having me as a patient. That helps as I really dislike going to the doctor.

Did my rounds this morning in that I had to clean out and then refill the bird feeder with safflower seeds. Now the obese squirrels and waddling ground squirrels as well as the too- fat -to -fly birdies are back in business.  Then, got the dry cat food poured into her counter container.  Then made the brownies (they are still baking) and have the trash out to the curb..blah blah blah.

Oh..and one last.  I wasn't flirting in the restaurant.  I had no idea anyone was noticing me till the bill was paid.  I was just remarking in that tacked-on comment that an acknowledgment of a pleasing person in passing, can't be all that bad.Tongue out

LaterRed heart

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