Thursday, October 21, 2010

Whoa! 8/2007

Look out now!  There must be a total of a tenth of an inch of rain here locally in 24 hrs.  Hey..a lot better than what we had which was a grand total of none.

I am chipping away at a big supply of magazines that have piled up due to no time to read them. When I found some from last Fall and Winter..Halloween ideas and etc. I decided I had better start looking at them and getting the pile down to a more manageable level.  I used to read a lot of them in the small hours while on midnight shifts if nothing was happening.  I am not ON midnight or any other shifts now, so my available time is taken sleeping! Imagine! I decided I had better find the time to go thru these things as they cost me money.  No use wasting.  I probably have a good 10 magazine subscriptions.  I WILL read Consumer Reports soon as it comes in.  Other than that, they have to find a place in line.  But I am working on reducing that number. 

While reading this months issue of Gla-mour however, I read probably the best thing I have ever read that a reader contributed in any mag.  I would give credit but I don't know the rules, so I will paraphrase what she said and not say her name as she may not appreciate that.  She said this totally true, little thought of on a conscious level by many of us, and applicable to both men and women.  It went something like this...that you should never make anyone a priority when they only see you as an option.

How absolutely factual and healthy!  How many of us have (or will do) suffered un-necessarily because we give our all so to speak, to someone who doesn't need or appreciate the gift. Many times it's not the recipient's "fault".  They didn't necessarily ask for the devotion.  Sometimes however there is the person who does ask, and does not appreciate what they get.  But, the thing one should, as the person wrote, make anyone a priority that sees you yourself as an option.  Expendable perhaps if something better comes along. 

Give yourself the credit you deserve and wait till you find someone who will love you for what you are..not for what you can give them. 

What happened here?  Did I turn in to an advice columnist all of a sudden?  Smile

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