Thursday, October 14, 2010

Who's cute? May 2007

When I first started my job, there weren't hardly any women there. Me and perhaps 25 more in a group of 500. Stayed about that ratio the whole time I worked there (till a few months ago when I left..I would say it will always be about that ratio) . It's traditionally a male job. Tomboys might apply..that would not have been me, a tomboy. I just didn't fully realize what I was getting in to at the time I applied for the job and got it. Anyway, those women (and me) on my shift would have a sort of game. That game was called Who's cute?

We women would cluster together and look over the guys when we were out for training. Pat might say first "OK. Who's cute?" And we'd all chime in with our personal preferences!! Men don't hold the only critiques about someones looks! Women are equally as guilty! There we'd be (we women) in between various training modules, when the whole shift went out to the Field for monthly training and qualifications.... assessing the guys. One day we were finished the outdoor things and waiting for the first classroom training to start right after the lunch period. There were 4 of we women gathered on the steps of the building. Kenny (he was one of the trainers) walked by. He was looking especially fine! I was so enthralled with saying just how fine he looked that I paid no further attention to him after he walked by. The other women were putting in their votes for or not, about Kenny. And other guys names were put up for our delectation and consideration. I waxed on loud and long about the virtues of Kenny's brown's style..his physique and how he looked in his uniform. What I didn't know was, he had gone in the back entrance of that building after he passed us and was standing within 3 feet of us and heard everything I said! He was red faced and smiling and looked me in the eye and said " thank you!" We made a joke of that for 20 years!!!

Midnight shifts when they rolled around, were long...and there were 5 women on my shift. We'd be on the phone for an hour perhaps, sometimes all hooked together and discuss our jobs, upcoming training, things to be prepared for and....Who's Cute. !!! I thought about this as yesterday for my blog I had written about the physical virtues of Tom Selleck. Oooh, again I say be still my heart. He is 62. Who knew??? Who cares??? He's cute! Pat, (my best friend) where are you??? I need to start that conversation up again. Heck, when we're on the phone we both go over work stuff to this day!!

It is 42 degrees cold out down to that and me with no heat. I discovered yesterday when I wanted the heat on just for one cycle to take the edge off the chill in the house that the heat part of the heat and air is not working. SIGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I called about it and they politely said Monday,. Pardon me? Monday? I said no, I'd keep calling around. Found someone who reluctantly said he'd be here today. It's colder'n gee whiz here in the house. I have a little electric heater blasting away. That's 2 days now. Hope that guy shows up. Apparently no one much cares about you when you call and the weekend is eminent.

If he shows up, I'll let you know if he's cute!!

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  1. Funny story...I don't recall that year but I know that May can be quite chilly.