Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Why Do I Watch That Anyway? 4/07

I watched Dancing With the Stars last night to see who they eliminated. They did eliminate one who needed to go way back on night one! My (and their) opinion is, there are three couples at the top. But they have kept some pretty poor dancers anyway. Billie Ray Cyrus is one of the genuinely nice guys in the entertainment world. He always has been. And pardon me for saying so, but sexy? Oh, my goodness yes! However, a dancer, no. He tries hard but it isn't his forte. But..they asked him to be on...he accepted so..onward. Last night, Joey and his partner...Apollo and his! Leila Ali was excellent too but the other two blew away any farther competition far as I am concerned.

As did the rest of the Country, we too, in this area suffered from the unseasonable cold Easter week. For a week, the temperatures were down to 19 upward to the mid 20's at night..and low 30's in the day including some snow showers. It did a great deal of damage that I am finally noticing. My azaleas did not bloom at all. A few scraggly buds formed was all. The Hickory and Oak trees lost their leaves. ALL of them. They, the leaves, are a dark shriveled mass now. I learned something there. I had no idea that stories -tall trees could be damaged in a freeze. I didn't see the blackened leaves on the hickory and oaks till someone called my attention to it as they are so tall it's not noticeable right away. Both of my son's Japanese maple trees died it seems at first glance. He is waiting as am I, to see if they (and my trees) can regenerate. They use so much energy making their leaves and buds the first time it exhausts their food stores. For them to re-do all the leaves and so on, they have already used their food reserves for the first set of leaves and buds. I read about this in an agriculture bulletin. So they are in peril till at least January next year. IF they live at all.

No treadmilling for me today. I was outside doing a power walk and wiggled around too much. Um..a little sore today. I think I'll give it a rest this once. It'll be OK by tomorrow.

I had three of my son's pictures enlarged and professionally framed after all. I never could find anything suitable myself to frame them in and I am useless in a creative way. So, I got to pick them up yesterday and have the treat of finding a good place for each in the house to showcase them. They are 16x24 I believe. Decent size. One is Cade's Cove Little River, another is the Cooper's Hawk he photographed in his yard, and the other I had done is a trumpet flower with a bee inside and another lining up to go in as well. I think they, the ones I chose, are all in the album on his Space. I can't wait to feature them on my walls.

Speaking of pictures I posted some of grandson at his soccer game last weekend.  And a .  A self portrait reflection style..kinda sorta.  You can sure make out those skinny jeans I keep blogging about.  Love them suckers! These are in the top album.

Guess since I am not treadmilling I need to get ready to meet the day. You all have a great day and see you soon I hope. I wanna show off my pictures. Just knock and come on in.

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