Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Will That be Skim or Whole? 4/07

For a treat, the cat gets like a 32th of an inch of skim milk in the bottom of a tiny bowl. She gets skimmed milk because that is what is in the house always and that's what she's used to. Yesterday I hauled out the bottle and poured her that tiny little splash of milk..she started drinking only to stop and look up at me as if to say " And what is THIS poison you're giving me??" She never drank the next drop and I took it up to throw it away, Later, at the end of the day I started to set out a bit more when I noticed the bottle. I had accidentally gotten 2%. She doesn't like it and turns out I don't either. I am too used to skim. That stuff tasted like whole milk or even cream to me. Ewww.. So it's off to the store later after exercise to get us two ladies the skim milk we want. Amazing how our taste buds get accustomed to a certain food or drink.

Speaking of that, while on my trip, we all of us went to an Italian restaurant Saturday night. My grandson got an authentic (but scaled down of course to his size) Air Force uniform for Christmas. One of my son's best friends is in the A.F. and his wife lovingly hand -made a perfect uniform shirt for him, complete with everything. It's just a perfect miniature of the real thing. He even has the rank of Captain!!! Anyway, he put that on including his hat tucked into his belt, and off we went.

While waiting for our orders to come to the table, a policeman came in and sat down. My grandson was just beside himself with wanting to go greet him and ask if he knew another policeman that he, grandson, had met one time. His dad let him with some admonitions to be polite.

Wow. I was totally impressed with grandson's manners. The policeman was too. I have never heard so many "Sir"s as I heard that night from my grandson. Bless his heart! Just the model of politeness. Boy Scouts in action and all he learned in martial arts too I think, besides his dad!! Anyway, after that excitement and a return to the table, dinner was served. Three other policeman came in too and they were all next to us. Grandson was in 7th heaven. He thinks they are indeed they are. Anyway, grandson visited the gentleman's room after dinner. He likes to stay awhile..he sings songs..and if he has a game in his pocket, he'll play a game..sing some more..look at himself in the His dad sometimes has to go fetch him. Well, being a small restaurant, there was a small bathroom. Grandson probably was just on Act 1 of his entertainment set, when the policeman wished to use the facilities. The door was locked. One man show going on in there after all! Well, he stood and waited. Me and his dad were a little concerned. Those guys sometimes gotta get going because you never know when the next radio call will come. They waited and waited..and then I heard a knock on the ladies room door as the policeman went in. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go.

Grandson came out in a hurry and one of the policeman said to us that when one of them went into the ladies room my grandson was saying urgently.." Sir..Sir..that's the LADIES room." Maybe it's one of those "you have to have been there" moments that I may as well not have blogged about but I'm telling was hilarious! You shoulda been there!!!

P.S. Goodbye sweet Sammie. See you at the Rainbow Bridge by and by.

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