Monday, October 25, 2010

Woe Betide 9/07

Woe betide the owner of Miss Catt here when the Vet is coming!!!

I have found a Vet who makes house calls.  That sure beats trying to get her into the pet carrier IF that can be done and it beats listening to screams and shouts (the cats) ( I WANT to but other drivers would call the police) all the way there and back!  I remember blogging about the trials and tribulations of Vet trips before. When I saw the ad in the newspaper, I called immediately to make an appointment.  Her first appointment was a couple of months ago whereupon she, the cat, had her nails cut or should I say swords cut.  Her ears were cleaned and she was given her rabies shot though she never goes out.  It's my understanding that if she needed to be boarded for any reason, she would have to have a rabies shot.  Makes complete sense, so I gave in and had her vaccinated again.  (Makes her sick so seeing no need, I didn't do it).

Back to yesterday.  The Vet visited Sunday afternoon.  The cat knew something was not good as the hall door was closed.  That would keep the cat from hiding under one of the beds making it impossible to get her to examine or take care of.  Ever wary, still, the cat did not escape the Vet who scooped her up and sat on the floor with her.  To the cats surprise and my shock...the Vet produced a little tiny muzzle (even for a cat with a short little face) in red..made of nylon and covered the cat's eyes as well as her mouth. The idea being that when they don't see,they will be more calm.  It seemed to work.  The poor cat didn't know what was coming so she allowed the muzzle to be put on. 

So, the muzzle, ear cleaning (she is allergic to house dust mites) and claw trimming plus..the biggie, a topical med to alleviate earmites and fleas and heartworm (who knew cats could get heartworms? You usually associate that with dogs)    After it was over, she took off for the back of the house and refused to come out for hours and hours.  Finally she strolled by on her way down the hall and I knew I had been forgiven.  I think the muzzle breached the trust element for awhile.

I am sitting here doing this when I know the treadmill awaits.  Oh and I finally bought my first piece of satin sleepware.  I am probably the only female in the world who does not like satin and silk.  Too slithery and I find it uncomfortable.  As outerwear as in a dress or top, I would never ever ever buy anything made of those two materials.  However, I thought what the heck..a huge sale of 74% off and the little cami and tap pant set was nine dollars plus tax of course!  What the heck.  You know what?  (it does look cute) it enabled me to spin around much easier.  I constantly turn over while asleep.  From one side to the other.  This made it an easier trip as it was slithery enough to get me from point A to point B without having to struggle against the drag quotient of cotton on cotton. Light bulb  So who knows, I may get another of the silly things to enable my trips to go faster!  Open-mouthed

Her Majesty is curled up in her (she made it hers) basket behind me and that is a clear signal to get off this computer and head for the 'mill. 

Have a good day you all.  I'm gonna.Red heart

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