Friday, October 29, 2010

woo hoo woo hoo woo hoo! (call me Daffy Duck) 10/29/10

I am so honored. I got two of my weeks photos in Flickr's Explore. That's eight so far that I am aware of. I was unaware of four of them till others showed me. That was nice. The first of the week was the yellow Mexican Hat wildflower (you saw it Beth and many many thanks for coming to visit so often over there. MUCH appreciated. ♥) and today's was the blue wildflower cluster..not sure who those little guys are. It makes the heat, sun glare, sweat and all the other stuff worth while when someone besides myself, likes it.

Small Mrs. S here has lately discovered that I added a thick comforter to the spare bed in the, not unnaturally, spare bedroom. So, she has been bunking down in there for nigh onto a week. She allows as how the comfort level zoomed what with the cushiness of the new thick comforter and the quilted bedspread. It's cool in the house..about 68 so the warmth of sinking in is her cuppa tea.

This here be her.


  1. The things we do for our owners.....I mean, I was right the first time; they do own us, don't they?

  2. Yes! you are getting woo hoo! thats good achievements for you as photgaphy.
    It is good to seen Admiral's having rest:-)
    though Miyuki started used her nice rain coat?
    She hasn't ring me for a while,I must give her call in during a holidays time:-)
    Happy Holloween to you & Miss Cat & Miyuki & Victoria:-)

  3. Congratulations Daffy Duck lol. Seriously though that is quite an honor and you have every right to be proud. WTG!

  4. CONGRATULATIONS!! Your awards are well deserved. Now I must boot scoot over to Flickr and look at your latest.

  5. An award very well deserved. I'll try again to get your photos on Flickr's Explore.
    Miss Catt sure looks comfy.

  6. I have yet to investigate Flickr. I do want someplace to show my picture now that Spaces is going belly up. I will check out your pictures soon. Congrats on your photo achievment!

  7. Quite the honor girl. Congratulations! Your photos are wonderful. Ms Catt looks very comfy. Love the comforter set!

  8. Your blue flowers are beautiful. Such a gorgeous shade of blue...never tire of blue. I believe they're Asters. Congratulations on your award.
    Miss Catt knows what's comfortable.

  9. Thank you for visiting our Fuzzy Tales blog! Your cat is a gorgeous tortie -- we saw that she had had to go to the vet, not sure what the health issue is, but we are sending lots of healing purrs.

    You have a terrific blog with wonderful photos!

  10. Congrats Carole.. Its always nice when I someone go though explore and sees one of mine and lets me know.
    I havent had one for awhile .Since I moved sites its been few and far between. They change explore so often it seems. I stopped looking.
    Hang on to them Carole and keep working hard.
    I love your photos.
    Have a good day

  11. congratulations!
    Boy, would I like to be her all snuggled up :)
    such a relaxing furry-photo