Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Words to the Song July 2007

I was wishing I could remember the title to the song that has the words "alone again, naturally".  I can hear the tune almost as well as though I were listening to it now.  But that whole thing is just to say they have gone on back to Charlotte though of course they are far from there.  They left about 1 3/4's hour ago.  I-40 is blocked both ways (that's what they are on) due to another in quite a number of tractor trailer crashes. I do believe speed limits really are there for a reason.  And the number of tractor trailer crashes is numbering approximately 1 a week!!!!!  Always due to speed.  Sorry...speed kills both the way we are used to it nowadays meaning but also physical speed running down the highway does as well!  Winding roads in the mountains do not equal a great place to put the pedal to the metal! 

I called them to tell them but one of those newer signs they have on Interstates now warning travelers of problems came in handy and he found out about the same time I did via news message coming on on the computer.  They  (son and grandson)are deviating to I-81 and then to I-26 to avoid the who knows how long a wait. 

I am doing this on Live Writer.  I tried to insert a photo last night.  The darn thing put a whole FILE of pictures in!!  Needless to say, I backed out of that.  Just tried again and for some reason I can't seem to comprehend how to get it into this place.  I went to insert picture,. Then, I tried to choose one and I can't seem to get it separated out to a single picture and get it selected.  Oh well.  Guessz I'll have to do that sort of thing the old fashioned way.

I have the house completely cleaned up now. Took 2 hours but it's done.  Kind of quiet around here.  :-(

Company tonight for supper and then the next 2 days will be free maybe before the work cycle starts again.  I do believe I will go to bed more early and try to stay longer tomorrow to catch up.  The only one who slept well was my grandson.  But I would rather be sleep deprived than not have them here..believe me.

I am about to get my face on and head out to buy some raspberry sorbet for dessert.  Wish you were here~!!

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