Saturday, October 16, 2010

Work July 2007

Went back to work today.  I really enjoyed being there.   I had a chance in the past several weeks to work with folks who are new just to me.  They have been there and I am the new one.  I have seldom had the experience of liking everyone I work with so thoroughly.  Every one of them are great fun to be around and share knowledge unselfishly. 

I saw a diamond bracelet...canary diamonds and white in the "estate" style that I would like to have.  However, I could spend $15,000.00 on something more practical!  Not worth it.  I have a honker of a diamond ring already and that is enough for me.  But..I tried it on, that bracelet.  Looked awfully well on my arm.  But I happily put it back in the showcase for someone who can afford it to buy.

It finally rained a little bit this afternoon.  Just as I stepped out and was half way between my work building and another building where I was to deliver something..the heavens opened up and GASP! I got my HAIR damp from the rain I got caught in (I ran) and it was wiry looking the rest of the time I was at the store!  Oh, that un-groomed hair was SO not diva!!! 

Last week or so I have not been keeping up with my exercise due to travel and other considerations.  Today however I began again.  I absolutely do NOT want my arms to revert to mush and dough.  I work hard every day to keep that nice curve at the deltoids area and to strengthen the triceps.  Gosh, I can't let all that go to waste!!

Whoops..I didn't realize the lateness of the evening.  I want to take my shower and all of that kinda stuff..lay out clothes for know the drill.

Later, dudes and dudettes

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