Thursday, October 21, 2010

Worrisome 8/2007

t really concerns me that it remains so very very hot and so dry.  We are well over a foot of rain short of what we normally have.  It's not a question of browned grass though I have that.  It's what is happening to the trees.

Consider last April when some parts of the Country...certainly the Southeast where I am, had a week long hard freeze. That killed all the newly budded tree leaves.  They were totally dead.  Some came back after all the brown husks fell.  But it took a long time for the ones that came back to do so.  It was so sad looking.  And the birds suffered too.  Everything suffered.  Many ornamental type trees never made it back.  The son who has a blog here on Spaces has 2 Japanese Maple trees.  One is the usual you think of and the other is (even) more expensive and a more refined version.  That one died.  Many of his nature pictures are taken with those trees in the pictures because that's where the birds are for example.  Now there will be one Maple less.  I actually started feeding birds other than hummingbirds for the first time time this year because of the bizarre weather.  I was worried about them.

What got me started on that is the trees is all these mighty ones around here ( the huge oaks, maples, poplars and hickory are about to give up.  They just can't take any more.  Some are starting to drop leaves.  My dogwood looks really sad.  I will, at some expense, water that guy today.  (our water is expensive and the accompanying sewer tax is horrible.  More than the water)

Everything is so sere and browned.  No rain in sight.  Yet others are getting buckets of it...way too much.

TVA is tacking on 8-10 dollars to the electric bills starting this month as the lakes are so low...hard to make power.  And it is so extremely hot, folks are using the air conditioning more than normal.  Record power usage in this area each day.

I know you're not interested in this litany.  I'm just venting really about how much we need rain and I feel so badly for the plants trees and animal wildlife.

P.S.  I am out there with a slow trickle of water running to the Dogwood tree.  Poor guy.  I may do the same for the maple but he's too too too big for me to do any good to. 

Have a good one.  I have a lot to get done.Red heart

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