Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Would-be Fashionista 10/07

As can happen with many women, I love fashion.  I was talking to a young man friend of mine who said his sister goes to University in her PJ's most of the time.  I know that's not unheard of but my WORD!  PJ's!
I love fashion but can't carry that look off nor do I have the money to indulge myself.   First matter is I am but 5'2" tall.  The rest is a combination of discretionary money to spend on such things ( I would rather save my money for realtime events... and with that, one might add that my figure is curvy.  Not what the fashion designers are looking for.  But mostly, it is as I mentioned in the last entry.  Some things just have to be passed by after a time of life has come to one.
Ah, yes, the classics work no matter one's chronological age.  But not a lot of fun in that.
I like W magazine, Vogue and Harper's.  A woman can dream, can't she?
A friend just said in an email that his inner self is urban yuppie with redneck thrown in for texture.  LOVED that description.  I, for me, am a woman with a taste for high fashion as well.  However, for dressed-up occasions I do wear the classics.  Suits, 2 piece dresses, tasteful shoes and jewelry.  Sigh.
But what I really want are swirly gauze skirts, BoHo tops, True Religion jeans or something ( quite the converse) from Prada.  I am always of two minds.  Jeans etc. for comfort..Balenciaga, Prada , DKNY and Chanel for feeling exquisite.  I have none of those, you understand.  I simply like the designs by and large.
My perfumes are designer however.  You seldom will have me pass you by leaving in my wake anything other than a designer scent and an expensive one at that.  Gee, a gal has to have something.
Interesting that fashions have gone back to the 70's for women.  The old saying is true.  Everything old becomes new again.
However, I will wear my platforms, discreet and not too too.  And don't ask about underpinnings.  That's my secret.
That's it dudes.Red heart
 P.S.  Not too cool that the spell check decided to underline and make red what it thought were mis-spelled words.  Sigh.

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