Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Wow-eee! 4/2007

Well, I watched Dancing With the Stars last night. NONE of them looked THAT outstanding whereas last week there were three standouts. Ol' Leila messed up their presentation by insisting on her own moves rather than listening to the professionals. She was going like gangbusters. In my opinion, no more. I'm torn between Apollo and Joey. Come to think of it, Ian is just as good.
I have been a busy bee this morning. I took the indoor plants outside for the summer. I sprayed the roses for insects, "fungicided" the azaleas a little. Bees are present so I quit for now. I did feed them (azaleas)  however. I was going to weed the upper flower bed where the pansies are but there are still some stalwart blooms despite the increasing warmth of the days and even nights (in a manner of speaking). I refilled the cat and bird food containers and have not really stopped with 'this and that' sort of chores until now. All I want to do next is vacuum. Then I am outta here.
I took a close up of my purple azalea and posted it in that new album, just the 2 pictures, along with a picture of me. Seriously, that was supposed to be me. You'll see.

I did not do the treadmill this morning. The top of my foot hurts and I will give it a rest. At least from formal exercise. When I go out..who knows.
Spiderman 3 is coming soon. I can hardly wait. I am a Tobey Maguire fan. Make that "fanatic". For a guy who is now 30..he has such a young face. He can easily look 17 years old as Peter Parker. He said he may or may not do another after this. It IS hard on him physically and too, the play/ideas would be uppermost in his consideration, so he said. He is happy with his new baby daughter now and may feel less likely to take physically challenging roles. I don't think I am looking forward however to seeing Peter Parker's darker side as will be brought out in this movie.
I decided against doing the bookshelves for awhile because I want the inside of the house painted. Painting is how the books got into this disarray to begin with as the painter had just a few days (while I was off work) to do the job..and of course all the books had to come out so as to move the cases. I had to hurry up and shove them all back in any old way so as to hurry to bed and sleep fast to get up and start the work cycle again (remember..12 hr. shift rotation!!) So, why fix them all up now when they all have to come out again anyway. I will wait.
Have a super day! I will! If the regatta is over, I will head for the Lake. My city is the second most popular marina and river to row on for all the collegiate rowing teams. We hope to be first.

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