Friday, October 15, 2010

You Never Know Dept. June 2007

I have had a month of things that I would rather not have happened. I won't and haven't listed them but I will mention this one. I buy private insurance since I no longer work for the same employer that I did. The insurer issued coupons for payment in January. I have the times of payment set up in my electronic calender although really it's not needed as I don't forget bills. This has been going on since the coupons showed up in the mail January of this year. All coupons are ripped out and the stubs are dated.

Yesterday, just by happenstance, I noticed something was mistaken on the coupons and so I called their Billing dept. Or at least the number that was on the coupon. (Turned out that is THE number, period. There is no other) We went through the usual to identify who I was, and so on. Then, she said I owed some unconscionable amount of money. I said "WHAT???" She repeated the amount. I asked for what did I owe that money. She said missed payments. I rather loudly begged her pardon and told her that in no way did I miss a payment and what's more I have never in all my life ever missed a payment for anything ever. I apologized to her for getting huffy as I realized it was not her fault, but..I stayed huffy anyway at the entity. (with more apologies).

Turned out indeed I HAD missed 4 months. But that was because they had not issued the coupon book when they were supposed to have and who knew? Not me! I asked why they did not call or write and say something about missing payments..she made the mistake of saying that I was supposed to know~! THAT meant war and started a new bout on my part with more protestations and irritated yammering and ultimately apologies as really, it ISN'T her fault specifically. She is simply saying what they tell her to say.

I broke this up into paragraphs so it wouldn't be as hard to read. I hate long one paragraph stuff. Anyway...I said no way did I know in those missed months that I was insured, they had not said so formally..had not issued a payment book and it was their job to keep up with their business..not mine. I said I would send a check immediately and I did and just as soon as I hung up, I went to the P.O. with a check. And then, while still on the phone, another argument ensued about a receipt for that money and the missing months' credit as she said there would be no receipt! Again, I loudly begged her pardon!

She admitted she didn't know really and to include a note asking for a receipt, and that she was only a customer service rep, not a billing person. No billing person is available. S-I-G-H.

I will wait till next month and call again. It had better be credited or I will drive to The Big City and they WILL get to meet me in person. I am usually a sweetie pie but I didn't have my job I had all those years being a sweetie pie. Believe me. So, we will get it ironed out.  Must be the indigestion I had from the salmon and I bet Jacqui is right.  It IS an oily fish.  Goodness help anyone who crosses me today then.,.I just finished the rest of the salmon patties!!!Look out!

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  1. What an ordeal you had to endure. It's 2010, but probably still fresh in your mind. Glad it's behind you now.