Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Alien Abduction Nov 07

My Goodness.  Someone check to see what they did with the real Carole because this one ain't her.

Why do I say that?  I got up and immediately took the kitchen stove apart and started soaking and cleaning it.  Then, I did the dishes, the floors, vacuuming, shined up all the counter tops, waxing, window cleaner...got dressed, did my face and headed out to the grocery as me'n'her ran out of things while I was gone.  Came back and for pete sakes, I took stuff out of the walk-in closet and got ready to wrap Christmas presents and make a list of who has what and how much.  What is more...I WRAPPED presents.  I did!  I have what I wrapped put back in my room and the spare room.  Now I can plan what else I need to get.  The trombonist of the family wants a music stand.  If you look in the pictures, he is using a chair.

The oven needs cleaning but that has to wait till later this evening as electricity is at a premium at this time of day and I try to do my part by not draining out vast amounts during peak times.

What are you guys going to  do for Thanksgiving?  I think I will just put myself thru that once this year at Christmas, and spare myself cooking for Thanksgiving.  Cooking preparation is something gigantic.  Once is enough.  I quit punishing myself rather late..just several years ago. 

Someone here sure missed me.  Instead of punishing me by avoiding me for daring to leave her...she snuggled up last night and patted my face  several times to awaken me this morning.

I saw something in Good Housekeeping magazine a month or so ago that spoke of this lawn/yard help that looks like and acts like a giant dustpan.  I mean, deeper than what a tarp can be used for...and wider.  Has handles to pull it with when full.  I will have to haul that thing out and see what it can do here shortly.  The leaves are still mostly green, so I am not ready to have the yard raked yet.  I told you, I have a bazillion giant trees and believe me...when they drop their leaves there are drifts of leaves up to my shins.  It takes all day to rake the yard..no exaggeration.  I'll report on the name and how it does here in a few weeks.

I was coming home driving alone yesterday and " The Cheese stands alone" came to mind.  Took a few miles for me to remember where that came from.  Then I had to sing the entire thing aloud (I was very sleepy) several times till I forced myself to stop.  I hope you too get it stuck in your minds so you can join me.  Tongue out

Meanwhile just had a phone call and a friend is likely coming over.  So...see you later, gators.Red heart

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