Tuesday, November 2, 2010

All About me Nov '07

But then, blogs generally are all about whomever is writing them.  Smile

I have really been improving with just a few up the street and off the sissy treadmill trips! I hooked up the iPod, put my phone in my pocket (to give me an additional reason to stop and, um, frankly, catch my breath)..and with camera dangling from my wrist I set off like the intrepid soldier I am on another walk up hill..down dale.

Not only did I not stop to, well, take a picture or make a sudden urgent phone callWink I went farther than I thought I would and much more comfortably.  AND it included some more hills too.  I just took off like a big bird and enjoyed the day!  Of course, I took some photos.  All these are apparently putting themselves into that album called " My blog pictures" up there among the albums.  The only advantage there is those have captions.

I blogged about it several times but I totally love violets.  Love the guys.  I wish I had a yard full of nothing but violets.  Guess what I saw today on my walk as I gasped my way up a hill?  A violet!  Surely it is the last one ever in the Country..bless its heart.  I knelt to take his picture which was a feat for me as my lower back is so painful, it's an ordeal to get back up again. Sad And my knees are ruined from hitting the ground for years, twice a year, on the range for firearms qualifications.  So they don't like the bending and getting up either. 

I hope you like the pictures.  I really seem to be on a roll these days!  Hey!  Speaking of roll..guess what?  All that moaning and groaning about weight gained (and boy, I did) when I quit smoking 20 months ago? (but whose counting, right??) it seems to have stopped piling on now that I have got off the treadmill (sissy sissy sissy!!!) and walked like I mean it out side.  And I am doing so longer.  But the treadmill every day for a year or so has prepared me for this which I have re-started now.  That's what I meant yesterday about 8 miles.  That was before...and I am aiming for it again.  Only up to 3 now. 

Here's a couple more you-know-whats.  Click to enlarge.

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