Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Alrighty then! Today's the Day! Nov 3, 2010

If only J in Georgia was here he'd say (again) that he'd go on ahead and get the Redneck Room ready.

Sure enough, I am dressed (I would hope so at 0943!) and perfume (which I am never without) is on (My Chanel Coco Mademoiselle- I LOVE that stuff!) and my black top with a little white around the neckline and sleeve.  I'll be headed out in an hour or less to meet up with the gang, working and off for a few days or not working, and we'll drive all the other patrons out if they don't have our room ready in the restaurant.  By the way, they have a carrot cake that is absolutely stunningly good and yes, I always have some.  There is a buffet and the slices are inhumanely small.  :-) 

It's cold enough for a jacket this morning and it's supposed to do some raining over the next several days.  I probably won't take the camera as the pickin's is mighty slim out there, pardner.

I will post a picture and you all please help identify it?   I thought it might be Purple Milkwort but I think I am wring.


  1. Carrot cake is just too good to be sliced small, but enjoy. I have no clue what this flower is, but I love the color.

  2. hard to identify without seeing the leaves looked up what you thought & none of the pics looked like that - love your flora questions :)

  3. Heyyyy, sweetie! I just skidded in to see what's cookin' over your way. And it's funny, you know? I STILL keep reading back and not realizing that those posts are from prior years. Take today. I read this one, went back one, two, three....oh yeah and on and on, and all of a sudden I said, "Geez, how did she DO all of that in this ONE day??" pause,, then I saw the 07 after the months hahahahahaha. I tell you, it was an amazing picture in my mind of you going to lunch, going to a game, taking apart and cleaning the entire stove, and on and on. Whew. Thank goodness I realized you're still human :D
    Carole, I want to ty, too, for dropping by my site even though I wasn't around and leaving your sweet notes. That was sooo thoughtful and I love ya for it.
    VERY glad to be back and catching up with everyone again. Today is my 3rd day reading and commenting, lol. One more day oughta do it :)

  4. Whatever flower it is, it is beautiful. It looks somewhat like a flower that retains its own water. I will be interested in your answer.
    Have fun at your lunch.

  5. Not only am I a computer dummy I'm a flower dummy as well. And dancing on the tables!

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  7. Haven't been on in a few days but I know you all had a great time.