Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bad Girl..Bad Bad Girl Dec 2007

I was sitting in the living room reading the paper Christmas afternoon when I heard a rather emphatic thump coming from the kitchen area.  Everyone else was in other parts of the house and I paid no attention to their location.  I was just vaguely aware of general murmurings of conversation. 

After the muted heavy sounding thump, I glanced up to see one of my sons and my grandson emerging from the kitchen with faces that bespoke something shocking and funny had just happened and that I, obviously,  was the only one not knowing about it. 

Here came Miss Catt from the kitchen, walking at a stately pace, head held high as befits the Queen she is.  She was also licking her lips and whiskers constantly and vigorously.  Looking at her, and looking up at the faces with shocked glee as well..(both boys had their hands held over their mouths as well they should given the gravity of the situation!! 

I asked what had happened only to hear what no one wants to. 

They had walked into the kitchen in hopes of a turkey sandwich for supper.  Only to find a horrifying sight.  Miss Catt, for the first time in her life had gotten onto the counter and had her head placed well into the side of the left over turkey, feasting quietly and with dignity. 

They didn't say anything aloud..only picked her up by her ample waist and put her on the floor.  Then they walked into where I was and informed me of the transgression. 

I had to laugh, sorta, myself.  It reminded me of the magazine advertisements I have seen with the woman talking on the telephone and the family dog on the counter grabbing a roasted chicken by the leg and ready to make off with it.,  The expression on the dogs face was the funniest thing about the ad really besides the cluelessness of the  householder talking on the phone while all this was going on.  Well, as many times as I have smiled at that ad..I was in my very own "ad" right here in my house Christmas day when that rascal heaved herself up to the counter and did that! 

I can tell you truthfully she has never ever gone after anything on the counter in her ten years with me.  Of course, the turkey should have been in the fridge.  But it was out at that time for sandwiches.  She had hers..we had not.

She had her Christmas feast and stretched out in her chair for a nap after going through the exhausting leap to get to the counter and the unplanned departure from same. 

Good Grief!!  See you soon I hope.  Red heart

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